The good thing about SMS is that you can do more with it. Since it is growing and many companies are approaching heavenly than before, SMS marketing has the potential to multiply reach with customers and sales. 

The simple text message can be used to inform customers about new arrivals or something important in time. 

How you are using sms marketing niche to your industry and customers is something you should be creative in. 

In this blog, I will discuss some of my favourite SMS marketing campaigns ideas to grow your reach, increase conversion rates and delight your customers.

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1. Subscriber-Only Flash Sales or Discounts

When you have a good amount of subscribers for sms marketing, the major concern is to hold them. Probably, sms marketing is an old-day marketing technique, but it’s fast and has the quickest open rate than email and other messaging mediums. 

You can hold your subscribers by sending them effective and exclusive deals. Importantly, consider running flash sale campaigns from time to time, so your audience feels connected to your brand. 

2. Content or Blog Promotion

It is a kind of scholastic method to promote or share helpful and valuable geeks, resources, or content from your website to sms-opt folks. 

The simplest way to share purposeful content is from your most popular blogs, guides, or resources to educate them on your business or some other useful stuff.

3. Weekly or Monthly Tips

Sending tips can be helpful to your subscribers as it flows the facts and the DIY tricks to do the complex things in the simplest manner may build connections to learn more through weekly or monthly sms marketing campaigns.

You may send industry-relevant or product-based either factual or DIY tips to tackle the situation effectively. For example, arts and crafts DIY tips, hair and makeup tips, home decor tips, etc.

4. Sweepstakes or Contests

sms contest messaging idea

Contests and sweepstakes add a boost to your sms marketing efforts. These can bring valuable customers in time and grow your database with new subscribers. 

You can send contest links using sms marketing or through external efforts such as announcing the campaign on social media or website with a banner or like popup form to ask participants to provide their mobile phone number. 

5. Event Promotion

Do you have an occasion coming up, similar to a gathering, live concert, or item send-off? Use SMS to develop a crowd of people or count during the time until go-time.

You can likewise use SMS to send fundamental insights regarding your occasion, for example, ticket deals, maps, parking information, timetables, or day-of updates and cautions

6. Thank-You Messages

After a client makes a buy or visits your store, circle back to a thank-you message that incorporates a markdown or offer they can show on their following visit.

You can likewise consolidate a fast feedback survey with a thank-you message to expand reaction rates.

7. Review Request

review request

The potential of SMS marketing doesn’t end with thank-you messages. You can use it to establish an image of your brand by collecting or sharing a link to request for review. 

Recent research shows that 91% of 18 to 34-year-olds trust online surveys as much as private proposals.

8. Surveys or Polls

Through sms marketing, you can ask the audience to provide their view on subjective matters that you have chosen and collect via surveys and polls. 

Additionally, surveys or polls come out as a new feature of SMS marketing. It helps build customer loyalty by asking for their suggestions on your product and services. 

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Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns: Conclusion

Don’t miss the opportunity that lies in front of you. SMS marketing is a great approach and with text marketing, you can strengthen your communication, loyalty, and trust among the audience. 

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