We live in a world where the customers are flooded with emails from various businesses who advertise their products via email marketing but practically thinking, how many of those emails actually get answered? 

Most of them are not even opened and instantly deleted by the customers.

As no one wants to come across thousands of emails? Makes sense, right?

Now, what businesses actually need is to look for an instant way for conveying their message to customers. 

Bulk SMS marketing delivers instant messages to customers. As smartphones have become a major part of our daily lives, customers are more likely to open text messages. 

In this blog we’ll discuss the benefits of Bulk SMS marketing for your business. So, let’s get started 

Top 7 Ways in Which Bulk SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business

1. Quick Impact 

SMS is the super-fast way of reaching out to your customers. Unlike emails that are often deleted by them, SMS cannot be ignored. 

Plus it only takes upto 5 to 7 seconds to send an SMS that means a real quick way to make an impact !

2. High Conversion Rate 

90% of SMS are read within 3 seconds, that means higher readability than emails which are not open for days. 

As SMS have high chances of getting read by the customers as compared to emails, the rate of conversion will automatically surge.

3. Reliability 

One of the best advantage of Bulk SMS marketing is you can send messages effortlessly without any barrier unlike emails which get blocked due to spam filters. 

4. Lets You Focus on Specific Customers

With Bulk SMS marketing, you can classify the customers on the basis of the kind of products they prefer and are interested in. After this, you can send related messages to the group of customers which share the same interest. 

5. Adds a Personalization Factor 

As SMS is a more personalised way to connect with your customers, including a well curated message along with the website link of your business can play an important role in making the communication more effective. 

Also, with Bulk SMS marketing you don’t need to plan a marketing activity for each communication platform. All you need is a contact number of a customer and you can deliver your message in one go.

6. Ease of Implementation

Bulk SMS marketing enables you to set up an account within 2 minutes and send messages within 30 minutes. This can save a lot of time for marketers as they don’t have to come up with a marketing strategy for different channels. 

7. Hassle-free Way of Communication

SMS provides you with the easiest way to send promotional messages to a group of customers and provides you with the freedom to add a personalised touch to those messages. 

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With an increasing number of smartphone users worldwide, it is quite clear that SMS is going to lead in terms of driving more customers to your business. 

My telly offers Bulk SMS marketing services that can help you in making an effective impact as a business.  

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