How easy and effortless it is to view a message that is usually sent across your phone? You might receive 100 messages a day. Right from brands sharing their coupon codes for your next shopping or thanking you for your loyalty, SMS are a wonderful way to communicate. Brands indulge in communicating smoothly with their customers through messaging. There are 2 types of SMS styles which brand follow. One is Transactional and the other is a Promotional. Each of these styles has its own way of connecting with the customers. We will talk you through both of these ways in this article. But first, let’s understand what is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing:

SMS service message marketing is an efficient way to connect to your audience in no time. It allows brands and businesses to have a personalized communication which one can target accordingly
Remember, the last time you received a text message for your last buy made at your favourite store was a part of short service message marketing. Or go back and search for a message with a discounted code or promotional coupon sent by a brand is also yet another example of SMS marketing.

As a wide array of brands and business entrepreneurs are looking out for innovative ways to target their customers, they are choosing SMS. SMS’s are now an essential part of their multi-channel strategy to connect to as many customers as they can in a single go


Well if we talk about the variants of short service messages that brands use are:

Promotional SMS

This type of SMS’s is generally used to connect with customers if brands want to send them specialised codes. Brands use this to target the existing set of customers so that they stay connected with the brand. Not only existing, but the brand also sends codes via promotional SMS’s to the newer customer to attract their eye. Example of which are sending promotional offers, discount coupons, codes etc. If a customer has opted out for a DND service on their phone number, promotional SMS cannot be sent to that specific number.

Promotional SMS’s are usually sent across to Non-DND numbers only between fixed timings of 9 AM to 9 PM. To send messages across, brand use a 6-digit Sender ID as designated by the telecom operator

Promotional SMS
Example of a promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS

Brands use this type of SMS style to send transactional information to their customers. Like for Eg. Sending OTP to a customer who is doing a transaction is a transactional SMS. Other examples are booking details, alerts regarding orders placed etc. Non-DND numbers too will receive these transactional messages too, with absolutely no time limit.

The sender uses A 6-digit character ID which matches the brand name.
An example of Transactional SMS is as below:

Transactional SMS
An Example of transactional SMS

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  • Immediate mode of communication
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Send information across a large set of people
  • With 98% open rate, SMS marketing is the most preferred way.
  • Take immediate feedback