Today’s technologies are miserable. They are intended to do extraordinary things for humans and businesses which cannot be imagined through perception. 

In the wider context, technology has expanded the reach of communication from nowhere. Now, people can communicate over cloud platforms which nourishes the traditional use of communication channels. 

Click to call is new-age communication technology that revamps modern businesses communication perfectly. This technology is unique and one-of-a-kind in its legacy. 

Learn about click-to-call technology with its applications in this blog. 

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What is Click-to-Call? 

Many non-technological folks do not understand this term. Click-to-call refers to new-age communication technology in which a person clicks a button or text to initiate auto-dial in order to connect with other individuals in real-time. 

These connections can occur via phone call, SMS, or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). The good thing about this technology is that it saves time and gives a quick way to communicate in person. 

In visual, they appear as clickable buttons on websites. They do also initiated by hyperlinks over emails and videos. 

How Effective is Click-to-Call?

If we examine the last five years, this technology proved very effective for businesses. So how much can it impact sales ROI?

As it only makes the sales process efficient and is intended to save time by ensuring that customers don’t have to manually enter business phone numbers into their phones. 

It greatly can be used in digital marketing campaigns as well as offline marketing practices. 

Research from Forrester, a paramount market research company, has revealed that click-to-dial functionality can increase ROI by an average of 143%.

Click-To-Call Applications In Business

There are a number of businesses using click-to-dial to smooth various functions involved. Those are mentioned below: 

Click-to-Call for Inbound and Outbound Sales

Click to call is a great technology for inviting more business. As it dials quickly in one click and doesn’t actually dial another party, it increases the chance of business development. 

Think in this way. You click the button which initiates the calling automatically without dialing manually. Now it is ringing and the conversation begins. In the middle of the process, the agenda remains solid, and not for a fraction of a second does the customer think of not to call or call later. 

Click-to-Talk in Chatbot Applications

Click to call becomes more attractive and flexible when it interacted with AI-powered chatbot applications. Since AI ruling the world in prevalence, businesses can do more, achieve more,  and escalate more. 

When a customer interacts with AI chatbots, they feel different. And that is where you can take advantage. Giving click to call option in a chatbot with a sales representative is the quickest way to convert them into customers from visitors.

Click-to-Dial Integration with Call Tracking

A call tracking system gives you the ability to learn more about customers who called you. When combined with click-to-call, reps can not only intake calls from customers but be notified of exactly why the customer called. 

Let’s understand this with an example. Imagine that a customer searched for “Play School for kids” and then clicked on a Google ad for a playschool owner. Further, it takes to a landing page with a phone number that is specific to that ad. Indeed, when the customer clicks to dial the company to learn more, the representative would know exactly which ad the customer clicked on and what conversation will be carried out based on the specific dynamic number that was clicked.

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Click-to-Call Across Various Industries

From B2B and B2C companies, everyone is using click-to-dial technology to connect prospective customers to sales reps in real-time. Research shows click-to-call usage across various industries. 

  • Local services – 63% 
  • Automotive – 42% 
  • Tech businesses – 38% 
  • Travel – 36% 
  • Hospitality – 27%

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