When you give scope for direct calling via click-to-call through the website or mobile application, the customer is more likely to contact your company, and chances are greatly increased they’ll buy from you too.

Click to call boosts customer experience by reducing the hassle of copying numbers. Click to call is a fast-calling action that works with a single click. This means it saves time and effort of number dialing. 

Here are some stats showing that the click-to-call function is worth it for business in modern days. 

  • 88% of online users are more likely to contact your company if you provide a click-to-call button.
  • Think with Google research community speak that adding a click-to-call button can lead to a 200% increase in call-to-conversion rates.
  • A past report from Forrester Research showed that consumers would spend more than $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms.

Click to call is important for a business to present on their website and mobile apps. If they fail to do so, they’re likely missing customer and revenue generation. 

In addition to this, customers are more likely to visit the company’s competitors if there wasn’t a way to directly communicate/call the company. Hence, it could make them feel less trusting towards a company. 

But when your website or application anticipates an online calling function, you provide seamless benefits to your customers. 

Continue reading this blog to know the top five benefits/advantages of click to call service. 

What is Click To Call? 

Click to call sometimes called click to dial or click to talk, is a digital communication between the caller and the company representative. It is a quick and hassle-free way to let online visitors connect with a relevant agent by phone while they’re on your website or in your application. 

Do you know that click-to-call helps customers in their buying process? Without dialing any number and just by clicking on the icon, they send a notification to the company for his interests and receive a callback for the same.

Actually, click to call works in three different ways:

  1. Click to request a callback: It means the customer leaves a call back request to the company to reach out for discussion. Such type of click to call feature provides an optimum call experience to the customer.
  1. Web based click to call: It uses VoIP and in this version of click to call connects a customer to an agent using their computer’s inbuilt microphone and speaker.
  1. Click to call on a smartphone: The last version of click to call works as a normal phone call. The difference is when the user clicks on the icon, it auto-dial the number and triggers a normal phone call from the smartphone. 

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Five Major Advantages of Click-To-Call Service

Click to call function allow customers to make a direct call through your website can increase conversions and customer satisfaction. 

Here are five ways adding click to call to your website will benefit your business.

1. Improve customer experience and cater to customer’s need

Web calling helps in building better customer relationships. You receive only willing customers call requests who showed interest in your service and expect better results. 

When you direct calls from certain web pages and land them to a specific department, it increases the chance to best serve the customer’s needs. Also, this allows issues and queries to be resolved quickly and efficiently, resulting in more satisfied customers.

2. Gather more customer journey data

Like numbers speaks for themselves, similarly, click to call request to speak many things. An agent can know the customer’s needs before making a call by seeing what web page a customer is calling from. This helps the agent to know the customer preference and prepare with the vital things. This extra information can streamline the conversation, interactions, and improve the first-time resolution rates.

3. Increase customer contact and conversions

An ideal ‘Get In Touch’ or ‘Contact Us’ action could make a customer re-think since it takes time to convey the needs to the company. 

But click to call solution do the job quickly and get customers to get in touch with your representative, in less time. In fact, 88% of customers are more likely to initiate contact if there is a click to call option on an application or website.

4. Provide superior service by going beyond voice

Those who still use traditional phone calls are limited to just a voice interaction. But with a flexible click to call service, a company can go beyond voice and target customers on different channels, such as live chat, video call, and co-browsing (context of web browsing where more people access the same page at the same time). 

5. Facilitate in saving money and money-making

Click to call option is a cost-effective solution for businesses. There is no need for a physical call system as click-to-call work without any wired connection. It also saves you from toll-free charges.

You can opt for any click-to-call ways to enhance customer experience. The cheapest and pocket-friendly click to call option is web calls also known as web-based click to call.

How To Add Click to Call to your Website

Want to reap the benefits of click to call for your business? It’s simple and the simplest technology to integrate on your website or mobile application. Request a demo with MyTelly today to get started.