In business, conversions mean sales, and conversion rates refer to the percentage or number of sales. 

To see how much your business conversion rates are, you need to calculate the rate. And it is done in this way. Divide the number of sales that occurred with the total number of visitors and to get in the percentage, simply multiply by 100. 

For example; If your business receives 200 visitors in a month and has 40 sales, the conversion rate would be 40 divided by 200 i.e. 20%. 

A conversion rate is the percentage of the sales that shows the desired action of the users. In simple terms, it is refer to any desired action of the users that they made with your website. 

Some most common observations of conversion rates are call, leave a query, missed call, or something else that pulls the business representative to talk or connect with the customers. 

Why your conversion rate is important?

When you track your conversion rates, you actually get an idea of whether your expenditures give you a result or not. 

Also, it helps in looking into your buyer’s persona i.e. analyzing your audience at what scale, size, age, and gender purchasing your products. 

Additionally, tracking conversion rates help you measure the activities and performance of your web pages or applications. 

Do You Need To Optimise Conversion Rates? 

Speaking truly, Yes it is very important to optimize your CR (Conversion Rates) because it gives you the crucial metrics and various performance insights from which you can drive actions to gauge your business precisely. 

In fact, it saves you from taking wrong measures and decisions as you have factual, precise, and accurate insights. 

And this course of action is called Conversion rates optimisation. Identifying goals, calculating rates, and updating your site or apps to improve CR is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 

And there are various methods to optimise your conversion rates. Click to Call is one of the most renewed CRO phenomena used by modern-day and age businesses. 

How Click to Call Helpful in Driving Conversion Rates? 

Click-to-Call is an innovative yet cloud solution. It enables callers (visitors) to connect with business representatives (agents) without actually having to dial them up. 

This kind of cloud technology not only saves customers time to dial the number but gives an instant and quick way to connect with the preferred agents. 

Click to call is the best tool or system to optimise your CR because of the following reasons: 

  1. Customers are Still Calling and around 61% of internet users prefer to call a business through Click-to-Call CTA. 
  1. Customers often make a call with the intent to purchase. Data reports, 31% of the users who call during online searches are looking to purchase from your business.
  1. Phone calls are an important part of purchase decisions. It is being noted by multiple times that customers find it extremely important to be able to get in touch with a business during their decision-making phase.

Click-to-call is a strong strategy that limits client exertion, diminishing grinding among organizations and likely leads. It assists you with working on the client engagement process.

The benefits don’t over yet…! Businesses can more out of click-to-call solutions and amplify conversion rates. 

Customers who call your business via the click-to-call option, are more likely to buy your product. They don’t have doubts to ask questions but instead either try to know more about the product or request for placing an order. 

These are ready-to-buy leads and simple acting quickly on these to increase conversion rates. 

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Significant Applications of Click to Call 

A) Click-to-Call Links: Essentially convert composed telephone numbers into links that can be clicked by the guests.

B) Click-to-Call Buttons: Surprisingly, you can use a smartphone or a calling icon to link the click-to-call solution to your phone number. 

C) Click-to-Call Adverts: On the off chance that your business relies upon Google AdWords, you can add a tick to-call button to your promotions to make them more successful. 

In the end…

Make a little effort now and upgrade to a click-to-call solution powered by cloud telephony to make the most of your customer interactions.