Whether you are a street artist, modern-age graphic designer, or work as a freelance writer, your idea and ‘keep-going passion’ are what keep you in demand no matter where you live. 

That is why 36% of the US’s entire workforce chose to freelance amid the COVID-19 pandemic

And that is not the only metric of the US. The draw of freelance work can also be seen in Asian countries. India ranked as the 2nd fastest growing freelance market according to the economics times. 

However, freelancers need the same tools and resources that any small business would, for setting up. Essentially, call management is something where they need to focus on. 

Because you may impress your clients with your creative skills only when you understand them and communicate effectively. 

To help you in this, you can start a virtual assistant business with minimal financial commitment. 

Introducing a virtual phone system at your freelance workshop means no-more worries about call management. Additionally, it ensures that they’re able to maintain professional communication.

A virtual phone system is also known as hosted or cloud-based phone system that runs over the internet. That means you can receive calls from anywhere across the world. 

At MyTelly, we ensure nothing comes your way while setting up a virtual phone system for freelancers.

This blog will talk about how you can step ahead in your game by using virtual number solutions while tackling some constraints. 

1) Helping In Receiving Important Calls, Voicemails, and Texts

Freelancers use only their cellphones to respond to their clients reaching out to them. It may lead to conflicts in this way, multiple people trying to reach you at the same time and none of them are able to get through. 

Therefore, virtual assistance helps you keep communicating with multiple people simultaneously. You won’t miss out on any important calls and texts and be able to reply to them effectively. In fact, you get enough storage space to store important calls, voicemails, and text for further references. 

2) Offering a Professional Call Menu To Callers 

There is a saying “First Impression is the Last Impression” and this goes everywhere. 

Freelancers may get nervous while talking to clients for the first time and may this hinder them to communicate potentially. 

Introducing them to connect with IVR integrated virtual numbers can help you to trigger professional communication at a glance. You can create an impressive call menu with greetings and customized messages. 

Moreover, you can create a solution-based menu and trig them to give their inputs. You can read them in your free time and start work on the solution without even communicating digitally. 

3) Help In Setting Up a Unified System 

If you’re a freelance workshop with a team of co-workers taking up projects with you, getting in touch with them during work hours is highly necessary. 

It is a vital task to call each one and ask for updates. This may end up you with nothing but stress as long as the day passes. 

Combining the team’s phones into a unified virtual phone system you can seamlessly collaborate with your team and other businesses. This helps in increasing the overall productivity of your freelance business. 

4) Keeping Track of All Message and Call Details 

If you rely on personal smart devices for storing messages and call records, let me tell you….it’s wrong. In time you realise that you lost your data due to some glitch or malfunction. 

With a cloud-powered phone system, a simple to-utilize control board assists keep track of all data that is being routinely collected. A cloud telephone framework stores the whole call, phone message, and message-based data in the record connected to it. This information can be accessed whenever and at any place.

Final Thought 

You don’t need to be a capitalist to benefit from modern technologies or virtual phone systems. Through modern technologies are utilized with a will-thought, it is not limited to halt. Hence everyone can use it and certainly bring a change. 

The numbers of promises illustrated in this blog in reference to the virtual phone system for freelancers give them an idea to invest in the same, not for tomorrow’s benefit but today.