Is SMS marketing dead? Well, the research says not just yet! 

Today more people use more smartphones than access to fax and landlines. Nowadays people live in a fast-paced world where they enjoy getting things faster. Such as fast food delivery, fast ticket booking, faster customer service, and so on.

This made businesses look for sms marketing at conventional rates. Because text messaging is fast, has no geographical boundaries, and supports instant messaging. 

SMS is fast, reliable, easy, and cost-effective. Simply, SMS works on every phone, anywhere in the world. With sms marketing businesses can communicate with their customers instantly. In fact, 98% of people open their messages just about to check what’s inside.

Therefore, SMS texting or bulk sms can be a great way to take your business to the next level. Moreover, you can customise the sms messages as per your campaign needs. And this helps you to enhance customer services to a great extent.

5 Ways To Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationship With Bulk SMS Solution 

Are you new to sms marketing? Want to learn how to use sms marketing for better customer service delivery? Need some tips to enhance customer services with bulk sms solutions.

Following are some of the ways how can be customer service enhanced with the help of SMS texting:

1) Run Customer Satisfaction Feedback Campaign 

Customers’ opinions can help businesses to reinforce their strategies in the direction of robustness. When you run a feedback collection campaign through sms marketing you could learn about their preferences and whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied. 

To get the input in a simple and easy way try via SMS polls. SMS polls are easy to create and effective in the collection of data. However, you can also use missed call solution to collect customer feedback

2) Make Your Customers Feel That You Care About Them

Mass text marketing is a great customer care tool. You can use it as a weapon of harmony. With bulk sms services you can send information and talk to your customers about all kinds of works. You may either send instructional messages or short manuals to help them understand your offer, update them about new arrivals, etc. 

Help them find directions to your nearest shop or remind them of things that are important to them.

3) Allowing Customers to Talk with your Business Experts

Another great approach to bulk sms services is that they offer in-line communication that can resolve all types of problems in a minute. 

However, everyone prefers to get a dispute resolved on phone calls but businesses can use bulk sms services to offer them instant support before resolution their problems. And that’s help in building trust and keeping them in touch. 

4) Send Digital Receipts

A digital receipt is an electronic version of your paper or document that is sent to your phone. Many organisations send digital receipts through emails and using short-message-service because they are fast, secured, and cost-effective. 

Since it is the paperless era, bulk SMS services allow your business to send digital receipts as proof of transaction.

5) Sharing Promotional Codes/Coupons 

You can send promotional and transactional sms instantly to targeted customers. Customers indeed want to save some penny on something. Sending them promotional codes or discount offers attracts them to your service and potentially buys from you. 

It doesn’t matter when you are sending codes, they’ll always get in touch with you if you keep sending them discount codes amongst other offers from time to time.

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Summing Up 

From the above scripts, we can conclude that bulk SMS services play a crucial role in building customer loyalty and increasing customer services. If you thinking of implementing SMS in your marketing, don’t forget to try MyTelly’s bulk sms service that helps you send bulk messages across the globe. The benefits are:

> Create winning bulk sms campaign

> Keeping in check DND numbers

> Multiple SMS campaign with a single click

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