Satisfied customers will stay with you. Angry and unhappy customers will eventually find a better alternative to your business and depart. 

To retain customers’ satisfaction, it is important to listen to their suggestions and work on their problems. 

Customer feedback is important for business because you may get to know your customer’s requirements when you fully understand them, it’s necessary to talk to them and appraise their responses. Customer feedback aid in new product launches, strategic planning, and decision-making. 

It serves as a quick way to understand customers’ perceptions and views about its products and services. 

There are a number of methods to approach customers’ input. Some are based on digital technologies while others are primary sources of information.

If your enterprise seeks cost-effective ways to gather customer feedback, I personally recommend using missed call solution. 

Features of Missed Call Solution

Missed call services are used for multiple reasons. And many professional sectors are using it to facilitate the smooth flowing of business functions. 

The approach of missed call solutions varies as per enterprises’ needs and the goals of the marketing campaigns. Here are some common features that missed call service offered:

  • Run multiple feedback campaigns: You can run multiple campaigns focused on collecting feedback from easy to use web interface. You can easily segment list and deploy on the track to collect feedback.
  • Automated campaign analysis: The most intelligent feature of missed call solution is that you remain on the top of the feedback campaign. The analysis and reports collected through analytics let you help to know the interests of the grouped segment customers.
  • Missed call automated messages: You can do more with missed call solution. You can send customers an instant SMS notification after a missed call, with an aim to inform additional details or follow-up information useful to know.
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Benefits of Missed Call Solution 

Missed call solution provides an enterprise with a way to connect with the customers for free. You only have to pay for setup and credits. Businesses can use missed call solutions for multiple marketing objectives like Lead Generation, Voting (missed to vote for your favorite celebrity), Verification of Mobile number or Request a Call Back service.

  • Zero cost to customers: With no cost, customers can submit feedback, request a callback, ask queries, and engage with representatives without spending any money. 
  • Quick installation: Businesses can quickly set up missed call solutions and avail benefits through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Simple and effortless: The learning curves are easy and anyone can learn and get used to the tool in a short time. 

How Missed call service can be used for your business?

  1. Quick Updates: Businesses can leverage missed calls into the campaign to get quick reactions from the audiences. 
  1. Customer Verification: Customers can be asked to verify their phone number by giving a missed call to a number.
  1. Customer Feedback: Customers can be asked to submit feedback just by giving missed calls to the virtual number. 
  1. COD Confirmation: To confirm COD orders, customers are sent a text with a number on which they can give a missed call.
  1. Engagement: Use missed call service to increase customer engagement by building a strong network with customers.

Enhance Your Customer Interactions with Our Missed Call Solutions

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