Missed call marketing is in the race since the holistic days of advertisement. However, it is the most affordable kind of marketing, hence the cost is low compared to IVR solution or Outbound calling. 

Typically, missed calls work differently, as no calls connect and no cost is incurred. It is a kind of campaign that was born to solve a unique set of problems.

How missed call marketing works? 

It works simply. Do you remember the time when people used to give missed calls when they had low balance? Subsequently, the person receiving the missed call mostly called back to talk to the former.

Yeah! It sounds like an optimistic solution and works out. 

For businesses, missed call solution works equivalently as above scenario. 

A missed call solution brings businesses closer to their prospects. It aids to call back their customers who gave missed calls on their business numbers.

Also, it helps businesses to know their customers before they provide them with solutions. It happens via auto-dialer, or through an automated IVR message, a voice bot, or a live agent.

Eventually, missed call campaigns benefit both the parties – the caller and the receiver. Especially for enterprises, it can bring significant value. Some of the key benefits of missed call marketing are as follows.

Silent Benefits of Missed Call Marketing

Benefits of Missed Call Marketing

Missed call promotion is a great way to build, grow, and engage your customer base frequently. Besides, it’s more helpful in – 

  • Increase Lead Generation: Missed call is a great tool for inbound lead generation and the best thing is that it costs nothing for the customer. 
  • Expand Market Research: Decided to broaden brand awareness during the campaign period, a missed call marketing works perfectly.
  • Enhance Campaign Performance: Since you have the details of the customers in advance, it helps the marketer to optimize the campaign effectively.
  • Optimise Customer Service: You can pull out a large number of customer needs with missed calls and address the right solutions, enriching the customer experience.
  • Improves Operational Efficiency: Missed calls work automatically – without human inputs, you can send automated voice messages in response to missed calls.

Hey! Now that you have learned the misery of so-called missed call marketing. Now, let’s get familiar with the methodology. I mean that won’t you want to know how missed call marketing works? 

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Step-By-Step Guide To Run Missed Call Marketing Campaign 

It’s simple…

Step 1 – Gather a Virtual Number for people to give a missed call on. For instance; bank balance inquiry, checking status, express interest, etc. 

Step 2 – Run campaigns like online advertisements, billboards with CTA, etc. to encourage customers to give a missed call to that number. 

Step 3 – Create an individual database to procure their interest and preferences for later actions. 

Step 4 – At last, target the database by triggering automated responses such as SMS alerts, IVR, or a callback to take the conversation forward. 

How Businesses Use Missed Call Promotion? 

Missed calls have become a way for brands to get people to interact with them. Contradistinctive brands use missed call marketing campaigns as per variations of the business objectives. 

Helping you, I have taken a few examples of industries and illustrated how they use missed call marketing. 

A. Missed Call Services for Banking 

Probably the most well-known use cases for missed calls in banking are: 

  • Checking their record balance 
  • Mentioning statements/letters 
  • Producing OTP for verification 
  • Looking for emergency help about their ledger/credit card 

Banks can likewise empower possibilities to give missed calls to get data about new items, refreshes, credit limit builds, international services, and so forth.

B. E-commerce Missed Call Solution 

Probably the best-missed call marketing we’ve seen from eCommerce clients are: 

  • Pre-requesting of items, where clients can simply give a missed call to enroll for an impending item dispatch 
  • Checking request or conveyance status 
  • Mentioning callback 
  • Giving feedback on services 
  • Opting for SMS or email alerts

C. Missed Call Marketing For Government 

Sates and Central bodies use missed call promotion to draw in residents and further develop cooperation in civic exercises. 

  • Pursuing government plans 
  • Mentioning data on plans and privileges 
  • Register support for new projects

D. TV & Entertainment Missed Call Campaign 

The entertainment industry use missed call campaign in unique cases. 

  • Voting favorite contestant
  • Taking part in surveys 
  • Timetable updates for forthcoming shows 
  • Register application to contend in actuality shows

Apart from these, missed call solutions work differently for each industry. These are just for a glimpse to illustrate to you the objective of missed call methodology. 

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Advanced Missed Call Solution to Optimize Marketing Campaigns

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