Calling and messaging work closely with marketing practices. In fact, these two practices are top-notch for any company or organisation. 

If you want to reach the audience quickly, you can use text-message marketing aka SMS Marketing. It is economical, fast, and secure. 

You can create and send SMS campaigns through your normal or dedicated number. But that process is lengthy and costly. 

You need to ask bulk SMS Service Providers whether they provide such services or not. Also, you need to check their pricing and features. 

Speaking honestly, SMS marketing works effectively but has some limitations. 

This is the reason the communities switch to virtual numbers for SMS verification, SMS marketing, and SMS campaigns. 

How Do Virtual Phone Numbers Work With SMS Messaging?

First of all, you need to understand that the normal SMS that you receive on your device is different from the virtual phone number messages. 

In general, you receive bulk messages from your operators with unique codes and also have the option to draft and send messages to your contact list. 

But a virtual number message doesn’t work like this. Although you have the option to send and receive SMS text messages online over the internet. The special feature you get is that you can send and receive messages from anywhere without having to use a physical phone.

Shocked…! Mee too 🙂

Here’s how you can use a virtual phone number for SMS sending and receiving. 

1. Choose a New Number

You can upgrade your phone number, toll-free number, and other mobile numbers to a virtual phone number and apply to provision a dedicated shortcode. MyTelly provides you with seamless virtual SMS services.

  • Text enable your existing phone number
  • Send and receive messages from any device
  • Get easy-to-remember 6-digit dedicated shortcode

2. Send Text Message

With a virtual assisted message number you can send transactional and promotional messages to your list without any hassle. 

  • Message 1-on-1 with customers, employees, or leads
  • Send reminders, alerts, and other critical messages
  • Send SMS marketing campaigns to large groups

3. Manage Replies In Your Inbox 

Through a dashboard, you can manage everything. Send/receive messages, manage individual messages, snoozed messages,s and more. 

  • Decentralize workload by adding teammates
  • Support filters and prioritize messages
  • Mark/Unmark, hide/unhide, and much more

In What Ways Businesses Can Use A Virtual SMS Number 

A virtual number provides beneath of advantage to the owner. Since it is a cloud-based solution, it highly eliminates the need for a wired telephony system and lowers the expenditure. All the conversations and tracking happen via cloud facilities which increase the security and privacy of the business as well customers’ information. 

When you request for the provision for dedicated shortcodes services, it helps you to achieve the following agendas. 

  • Facilitate reservations and appointments
  • Streamline order tracking
  • Send marketing texts and promotion
  • Improve customer retention
  • Enhance customer service

In fact, the business can do more with virtual phone numbers. Schedule a call back to learn how our expertise can help your business grow with a virtual phone number for SMS. 

Which Businesses Can Benefit From a Virtual SMS Service?

SMS is very crucial for customers and businesses. It helps transmit critical and sensitive information fastly and securely. Through virtual SMS services, the security and the speed get doubled. 

There are uncounted sectors that are using our virtual number solution for SMS verification, SMS campaign, and SMS marketing. Here are the names of a few. 

Businesses Can Benefit From a Virtual SMS Service

A virtual SMS solution works distinctly for each industry. For instance, healthcare premises may use a virtual SMS to inform their staff related to upcoming healthcare agendas while restaurants and hotels may use it for promotional and transactional purposes. 

Benefits of a Virtual SMS Number

The foremost benefit of a virtual SMS number online is that they do not require physical assets to operate since all the functions and facilities are cloud-based. Through a virtual number, you can easily make a call from anywhere in the world. 

Similarly, you can send messages using cloud software/app to your pre-defined list anywhere at any time. Many people use this to separate professional text codes from personal ones. This is just one of many benefits. You can manage your messages on the go through any supported software and application. 

Here are the advantages of a text-enabled number: 

  • You don’t need to pay for each message delivery. Since you already pay for your set-up services, you send and receive for free wherever you go without bearing any additional costs. 
  • Virtual number for sms is better than landline telephone because the traditional phone system isn’t capable of connecting cloud-based numbers. 
  • The kind of flexibility and mobility it offers makes this technology bolster. Even you can reinforce your business remotely. While working from home your workers can manage operations alludes to sms and calling at comfort. Additionally, this will help you to save time plus a lot of money on overheads.

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Get a Virtual Text Number to Send and Receive SMS Online

As you are now familiar with the concept and advantages of virtual phone numbers for SMS, you can think about getting a virtual text number for your business. Having a virtual number helps your enterprises move in the professional world. You can easily manger your customers, help them whenever they need it, and deploy critical messages at the right time. 

With MyTelly’s virtual number solution you send and receive SMS and text messages online using our easy-to-use platform or mobile app.