A sales representative is a person that handles everything from identifying leads and educating prospects on products through calls to training, presentations, and providing frequent support. 

Indeed, they act as a bridge or co-pilot between customers and the company. 

Gone are the days when sales rep’s rely on holistic methods to boost sales productivity. As of now, things change and almost every sales agent utilizes modern techniques to anticipate customers’ preferences and generate leads, etc. 

Traditionally, based on a report as per Forbes sources reveal that sales agents only spent one-third of their time in selling and the rest of the time in manual work.

Brutal, yet real…! 

But today, the story is different from the view of the modern era. 

Favored technologies such as cloud telephony, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Phone Number is helping sales rep’s in a big way. 

For instance, a company that is using cloud telephony software is likely managing and monitoring sales and other aspects of business processes through cloud integrated with the perfect IVR system. 

It especially primarily helps sales rep’s. How? 

Since sales professionals are involved in selling agendas, they are the ones most likely to receive more calls, handle more queries, and implement more follow-ups practices. 

Anticipating cloud telephony here it supervises the large portion of the call process at ease. The sales rep’s may use the IVR system and IVR call blasting technique to manage such entirety.

However, cloud telephony offers various services such as IVR, Call recording, bulk SMS, CRM panel, call routing, call alerts, etc.

The Future of Sales and the Role of Cloud Telephony

Future of Sales and the Role of Cloud Telephony

According to the Gartner ‘The Future of Sales ’ splash that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels.

And the sense of this fragrance can be seen clearly in the year 2021. 

The majority of organisations surfaced largely on digital, customer-driven, and powered by a “convergence of hyper-automation and artificial intelligence”.

In fact, the sale process will be driven by cloud supervision software. 

Cloud telephony in the sale process means you are leveraging the power of cloud calling and also rehearsing business to meet future challenges. It helps in call route, call forwarding, automating the communication through computer-generated voice systems, and so on. 

A sales rep’s can do more with a cloud telephony system such as:

  • They can drive sales data and store it for future cases.
  • A sales representative may offer more customer-centric sales offers. 
  • It takes over manual tasks so that agents can focus on core duties.
  • It brings sales and marketing efforts together like never before.

All these practices unleash the productivity of the overall business and sales representatives, fractionally. 

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How Cloud Telephony Help Boost Sales Rep’s Productivity

Cloud Telephony Help Boost Sales Reps Productivity

A sales team’s productivity is measured based on their performance. Many believe that sales rep’s abundance is related to the quantity of sales i.e. number of sales closed by an agent. 

Eventually, that’s not the basic fact. Productivity is measured by actions and achievements. If an agent improves himself at any level that will surely affect the productivity stratum. 

Learn how cloud telephony can act as a booster for sales agents. 

1) Reduce Rep’s Manual Tasks 

A sales representative handles multiple tasks from which some might be executed by direction while some need manual interference. 

At fractionally, these manual works seem easy but take time to complete. Scheduling and rescheduling (meetings), prospect research, setting reminders, and copying/pasting are a few examples of manual sales representatives. 

Cloud telephony automates these tasks and saves time for more productive tasks. 

How does it reduce manual tasks and improve productivity? 

  • By automating logging of call details and notes in the data.
  • Using Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer.
  • Implying click to call and text button in CRM.

2) Acquire and Nurture Leads

When a customer connects with you, it first interacts with IVR which collects various meaningful information in advance, and if needed it also routes the call with the specific agent. 

You can also take advantage of cloud telephony on your website by integrating with the website click to call button. 

With website click-to-call, leads and customers can connect with the sales rep’s in no time. In this way, it helps capture potential customers quickly.

3) Avoid Any Inconvenience 

Indeed, the inconvenience can cause serious destruction. It might not be possible for agents to attend every call of the customer or be present all the time to solve their queries. 

Cloud telephony helps manage all the hassles on the go and avoids if there is any inconvenience in the operations. 

4) Never Miss a Customer 

There is a saying the customer is like a god. And we were thrown by this phrase.  

SureCloud telephony in the salely, if you miss a customer you miss his/her goodwill and that’s impacts directly on your business. Also, sometimes it is hard for customers to reach your presence or by an agent with customers with their chosen medium. Hence, this could lead to missing a lead. 

When businesses have cloud telephony solutions, a sales team can connect with customers anytime and anywhere. In fact, they can offer a 24/7 support system without the physical presence of an agent. 

How to do it? 

  • By setting Interactive Voice Response System 
  • Call routing or Call forwarding
  • Attend on desktop, web, and mobile app

5) Scale and Grow Quickly 

Having the support of innovative technology such as virtual numbers and cloud calling makes your business strengthen, especially in sales and marketing. 

A perfect lead is when you have complete information to process it such as name, phone number, etc. Through cloud calling software, you can record, fetch, and store data in a meaningful way and the surprise part is it happens automatically. 

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