Businesses integrated with computer-generated voice communication tools are the new fashion creator of this universe in my view…! 

Yes, I am talking about Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It is an intelligent way to reinforce marketing practices and improve the business communication process. 

Through IVR System businesses can cut manual processes and allocate voice systems to maneuver customer relationships. 

Besides, an automated form of communication is a great way to learn customers’ responses and behavior. 

If you have started a new business you certainly looking for a medium to excel in communication with customers. 

And to tip it all, understanding customer nature, response, attention, and mindset. 

This is where IVR blasting comes into the picture. IVR Blasting is a renowned communication tool of IVR service or voice response system. 

In this blog, you will learn about IVR call blasting and its applications along with its features and advantages of call blasting. 

IVR Blasting Explained

IVR blasting works equivalent to the IVR system (Interactive Voice Response System).

Defining it, it is an adaptive communication technique that uses computer technology to send pre-recorded phone messages to either hundred or thousands of targeted customers at one.

In alternate words, it is a less human interactive and automated call service that is used to connect with the number of customers in a bulk to catch the customers’ response. 

The best example to understand IVR voice call blasting is the call operator’s sales promotion IVR blast to offer various ongoing schemes and offers. The message is in an audio-speech/computer-generated voice format that is played automatically which is achieved through IVR recording. 

However, some IVR call blast campaign is without call-to-action while some are based on just to deliver information. 

This means one kind of IVR blasting is different from another and so on. Additionally, it helps businesses to pass critical messages to customers in bulk while eliminating the need to reach individually. 

Current Applications of Voice Blast Phone System (IVR Call Blasting)

IVR is already scratching the surface with its fine features on a big scale. 

Speaking honestly, it is specially designed for early-age startups (new innovators) to help them excel and spread communication effectively. 

However, IVR blasting is used for many purposes. In business, it is primly used as a tool of a weapon for promoting ideas, products, and services quickly and at the right time. 

Besides marketing agendas, call blasting can also be used for emergency alerts, marketing campaigns, lookovers and polling campaigns, product research and development, reminders and notifications, and advertising/promotions for an organization.

In fact, in the future when people use self-driving cars, those industries will likely anticipate IVR Voice call blasting technology to refine communication with them. 

Different ways you can use IVR Call Blaster

Automated calling services sustain the business to achieve its objectives in optimum ways while reducing costs on training and development. 

IVR blasting works with the core business strategy. If a person receives an IVR blast related to the new scheme of the company. This means that the company wants to promote new products to a new set of customers and that is the core objective that they want to achieve efficiently. 

However, IVR voice blasting works in a number of ways for businesses. 

  • Survey: The prime concern of using IVR blasting is to store and collect customer responses. When automated calls are processed to a large group of customers, the data is collected based on customer experience. 
  • Feedback: When a service or product is delivered to the clients/customers, the only concern of the agent is to know their experience. IVR blasting is a simple way to grab feedback from customers.
  • Lead Qualification: The data collected from IVR blasting is analysed by the manager to know the prospect’s perception. Thus strategies and planning are made then to support lead generation.
  • Confirmation: Call blasting is also used for prompting small activities such as even confirmation, order status messages, greetings, etc.

Features of IVR Blasting 

A good voice broadcasting service depends upon the development of the roadmap campaign. If you will give a good direction to your IVR blasting campaign with proper research, time, and data. It would provide you with the optimum result. 

However, IVR could be enhanced and customized as per the business needs. An IVR blasting offer tons of features to do so. Following are some of the notable and significant features of cloud-based IVR blasting services. 

  • Efficient Campaign Scheduling
  • Run Multiple Campaigns In One Click
  • Explicit Email Reports
  • Effective Text-to-speech
  • Real-time Analytics
  • No Infrastructure Setup
  • Reach Thousands of Clients at Once 
  • Reduces Human Interactions 
  • Lower the Miscellaneous Expenditure
  • Ability to provide 24/7 Customer Support

Remember, call blast is a persuasive telecommunication technique and top-notch cloud technology that permits the owner to convey a message without putting thousands of effort or saying to individually. It broadcast a pre-recorded piece of information to thousands of customers in just a second. 

All you need to do is make specialized information for your IVR blasting campaign and a set of contact numbers to be dialed. 

This would help you to broadcast a detailed and planned message to capture cold customers, effectively. In this way, the organisation could improve productivity, sustain higher engagement and deliver rich experiences. 

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