We all are well aware of the advantages of using IVR systems for our business. But the point here is, is setting up an IVR enough for engaging with your customers?

The answer you’re looking for is, no, your IVR system is of no use if you’re not making efforts to make it customer-friendly. IVR can do wonders for boosting your brand appeal if utilized in the right way!

In this blog, we’ll discuss various strategies which can be followed to design a customer-friendly IVR system.

 So, let’s roll

Top 5 Ways to Implement a Customer-Centric IVR System 

> Be Available 24 X 7

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to provide around-the-clock customer support. As customer inquiries can arrive at any time, thus providing customer services 24X 7 will make them feel valued.

Also, an automated IVR menu can easily resolve simple customer inquiries such as product information, shipping status, location of the company, and so on.

> Limit your options to avoid confusion 

When customers hear too many options in the initial IVR menu, they often get confused and even forget many of them.

Since the IVR system is used to reduce the waiting time of the customers, there’s no point in engaging them in a single prompt for too long. 

Then what can be done?

The best thing you can do is to keep the most popular options in the IVR menu and cutting off the irrelevant ones.

> Don’t overuse automated assistant

While some of the simple queries like order status and account balance can be solved by automated IVR, providing the customers with an option to connect with the agents can give them peace of mind that their queries will be solved. 

> Identify the name of the customer 

Every customer wants to feel valued to connect to a brand. Make full use of IVR technology to ensure that your IVR is designed in a way that it identifies the name of the callers so the agents can address them with their names instead of a general notion. 

> Ask for customer feedback 

Proper feedback helps your businesses to provide a better customer experience, at the end of every call, conduct a survey to know what your customers perceive about your IVR services?

This will further help you in identifying the most common issues faced by the customers like too many menu options, a lot of time spent in connecting to the right agent and so on.  

Once you get to know about the problems faced by your customers, you can work on them so that they don’t have to deal with the same problem next time. 


In today’s competitive world, no business would want to lose their customers to a poorly integrated IVR system. Setting up an IVR to provide a better experience to the customers isn’t enough until you utilize it in the best possible way. 

The above-mentioned strategies will not only help you in providing high-quality service to your customers but will also increase the brand appeal of your business.