If you watch reality shows then you must have voted for your favourite contestant some time or another. 

All you have to do is to give a missed call on a toll-free number and after one or two rings, the call automatically gets disconnected. This is a fine example of a missed call solution. 

In this guide to missed call service, we’ll cover every topic starting from how a missed call solution works and the ways in which organizations are utilizing missed call marketing. 

How does a Missed Call Solution Work? 

After a customer gives a missed call on the missed call number of your business, the call automatically disconnects after 2 or 3 rings, which means not a single penny is charged from the customer. 

The relevant customer information like contact number, time of the call and region gets saved in the CRM of the agents so that they can get back to them either by a call or SMS.

Top Missed Call Case Studies

missed call case studies

> Lead Generation 

As customers don’t have to pay any charge to give a missed call to your business, the reach of your services will naturally expand. With more and more customers reaching out, you’ll get more chances to generate new leads.

> Survey Forms

Most of the businesses feel unable to collect proper feedback from their customers as the customers don’t show much interest in filling the longer survey forms.

Through missed call services, they don’t have to put much effort and they can easily give their feedback just by giving a missed call on a registered number. 

> For Verification Purposes

As the cases of fraud users are increasing nowadays, verifying the identity of customers has never been more significant. With one missed call on your number, you can double-check the authenticity of your customers. 

> Online Voting

Though reality shows have made the process of online voting quite popular, missed call services can also be utilized for collecting votes for a political campaign. 

> Alert Subscriptions

With alerts, you can keep your customers updated about any kind of changes in your products and services. The customer just has to give a missed call on your number and voila, get subscribed to the alert messages.

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How to Set Up a Missed Call Solution?

1. Choose a Phone Number

The first step of setting up a missed call solution involves purchasing a phone number from your missed call service provider.

You can opt for different toll-free numbers which will further make it easier for monitoring different campaigns. 

2. Select a Service Plan 

Make sure that you select your service plans wisely according to the needs of the business. There are several plans that service providers offer that can vary in terms of costs and marketing services. 

3. Keep a Track of Your Campaigns 

With real-time reports generated in the dashboards, your business can easily calculate the effectiveness of each campaign. 


To sum up, this guide to missed call service helps the organizations in going ahead with their marketing campaigns with ease and provides a quick way for customers to reach out to the agents. 

MyTelly provides a missed call solution that will perfectly work to interact with your set of customers. To know more, reach out to us today.