Who knew Missed call solutions could mean more than just giving a callback to your customers? Missed call Solution can add a lot more value to your business as well as can help with customer interactions too.
Seems impossible to trust us?
Read the blog below and know how you can completely reconstruct the way you communicate and learn about your customer’s requirements.

Explaining Missed Call Solutions:

Missed call solutions is an excellent way to interact with your target set of customers. 

How do Businesses use them?
Businesses use this conventional technology by employing a “DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER”. This dedicated phone number is advertised via various channels to connect with customers. The customers, on the other hand, call on the specified number. The call gets automatically disconnected after one ring.
The missed calls received are saved in a database that forms a directory for all the potential leads received. Live agents then connect with the customers who have shown interests via Missed Call service.

Taking Opinions via Missed Calls

Wondering how can you use this feature? Let’s look at an example.
Let’s assume you are a Makeup Brand which has a very good market image. You now want to launch a makeup product and need help to understand what packaging suits best for your target audience. There may be a number of ways to do it but then you are looking up for the fastest and the easiest one. You then invest in a Missed Call Number.

You are well aware of your target audience and their favourable channels of communication. Finally, you decide to take your customers opinions via poll and ask them to choose from 2 options. You have purchased two Missed Call Solution Numbers from My Telly and ask your audience to select any one of the choices and give a missed call by using the number of the specified choice.

How simple was that isn’t it? Taking Opinions and asking what your customers are looking for is made much simpler. In this case, the customers happy with Choice “A” will give you a call on 999333****. Similarly, the customers who are looking for option “B” will give you a call on “888234****”. Answers received from both these numbers are recorded in a sheet wherein it will be easier for you to track the results.

Missed calls opinions can be used in many different ways by businesses to understand and take a deeper understanding of user wants and demands. Be it if you belong to any industry, you can effectively use this feature and solve your dilemma of choices.

Get preferred answers with Missed Calls

Indulge in seamless interactions with your customers and know what they are looking out. Tapping the untapped marked is simplified with our Missed call solution service. Let’s look in detail at some of its benefits when used by businesses for polling.

1. Effective Lead Generation

Conducting Surveys and polls to understand what exactly are the customers looking for is simplified by using Cloud telephony’s feature Missed Call solution. This not only helps with understanding them but also results in generating prospects and interested leads.
For instance, during elections, a competitive party wants people’s vote to win but they are well aware of the fact that their audience is not aware of how to vote. So the party runs a campaign and advertises it. The campaign says that If you want to Vote for us but do not know how to do it or where to go to vote, then give us a missed call on “8889798**0*. This, in turn, is heavily advertised and people start calling on the particular number.

This, in turn, helps the election party to generate effective leads which are further called and explained why they should vote, their nearest voting both area etc.
The election party wouldn’t have gained votes from people who didn’t know how to vote if they did not invest in a missed call solution number. It helped the party to tap the resources which were unknown.

2. Zero Cost is borne by the customer

Since polling is a fantastic way to understand what your audience wants, it comes with an added advantage. Yes! it’s completely free of cost. Your customers need not pay any cost while polling through Missed Call Solutions.
Trust us when we say this, your customers will be interested to tell you their preferences with Missed Call solutions. Go ahead and invest in this easy source to understand your target’s needs and demands.

3. Sales Efforts aren’t wasted

You are saving your agents & sales team their time and efforts. But Most importantly, you are boosting your sales and productivity. 
Confused on how just Missed Call Solution polling helps you with that?
Let us tell you how.
When customers give you missed call on your number, this means that they are interested in your product or services. These all are potential buyers and have high chances to be converted into a sale. Your team need not pitch or go around customers who are not interested rather they communicate to only those leads who are self-generated via missed calls.
This not only results in better customer conversations but also can lead to sales. Cloud Telephony Missed call solutions does the job for you easily with just a call.

4. Saves time

Unlike other channels to collect feedback, Missed call solutions powered by Cloud telephony are an excellent choice for businesses. Reason being, they save a lot of time and effort at the same time for both the parties. By both parties, we mean the one taking the feedback and the one giving it. When compared to other sources like Lead generation forms or sending emails, Missed calls are just calling a number which automatically gets disconnected after one ring. It doesn’t force your audience to invest time in recording their preferences. Calling on a particular number which denotes their preference does the job easily.

Remember, Missed Call Marketing is an excellent way to take live polls from your target audience but this only works when it is advertised. If the campaign isn’t advertised across different channels, then the success rate of Missed call polling will not reap you desired ROI.


Missed call solutions have a variety of uses and features which you can unlock for your business needs. They prove to be an easy, affordable and great source. Also, MyTelly’s Cloud telephony services have been changing the dynamics for various businesses like yours. Understand how you can choose from a variety of solutions according to your business needs and grow your business by acquiring new customers.
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