Businesses in India are working hard to fulfil goals that once seemed difficult to achieve. Not only goals, but Businesses are also moving towards making smarter decisions to work. New-aged technology has been a major growth factor for Businesses to boost their productivity.

Be it, if you have just set up your new business or are there in the market for a long, these next-generation technologies are worth investing in. Today in this topic, we will be addressing one such popular technology that has shaped businesses over time. Here we are speaking of the conventional “Cloud Telephony Solutions”.

Not only these solutions have helped businesses to interact smoothly with their customers but have expanded their productivity as well. Also considered as “Hosted telephony”, Cloud Telephony has always been evolving.

Because of its various offerings like affordability, cloud technology, scalability etc, this technology will grow phenomenally in the coming years.

Understanding Cloud Telephony Solutions?

Cloud Telephony is a new communication technology helping businesses to host all its communication on the cloud.

The main advantage of using this technology is that it offers cloud space and a business need not install any software internally to work. By cloud, we mean, an online space where all the processes, data and other information gets stored. This storage space can is open to access anytime and anywhere.

So Technically, Cloud Telephony is an amalgamation of the old school telephony and the new technology.

Cloud-Telephony Solutions Breaking barriers:

Let’s look at how Cloud telephony services have assisted in business processes and communications.

The current situation and the market trends tell us that 95% of the businesses in India use cloud telephony solutions. Their use has seen exponential growth in the past few years meaning this technology is here to exist for a longer time. Used by industries across all sectors, Call Centers have gained the maximum advantage.

If we look closely, Customer call centers have highly benefited themselves as well as their customers by deploying cloud-based solutions. Its market is worth billions while giving birth to a remarkable rise in job opportunities.

  • 1. These cloud-based services blend in, all the communications channels thus simplifying customer communication.
  • 2. Decreased Cost reduces operational cost for the businesses thus helping in maintaining business continuity.
  • 3. Communication via these smart solutions helps customers reach out to businesses through any channel of communication. Channels like Voice medium, Chat, Social Media channels etc. are managed easily on the cloud.
  • 4. Businesses get real-time updates of customer queries & issues that they face while using the products and services. This helps the businesses to take care of the problems and reduce/ demolish complaints at a faster pace.
  • 5. In the end, these services also ensure higher sales and customer satisfaction. Thus these Cloud-based services guarantee maximum benefits for both businesses and customers.

The Emerging Business Market in India

This technology is a game-changer for all small, growing and established businesses leading to aggressive adoption by each industry.

  1. Adopting cloud-based solutions and services have exponentially helped start-ups and growing enterprises to reduce their operational costs. From assisting businesses to avoid installing expensive software and hardware, cloud-based solutions also assist in scaling it according to the business needs. With added security, it is a very feasible option for all enterprises.
  2. Using Cloud has proved to be beneficial for enterprises as it has shaped innovative ways to communicate. New ways of interacting with customers have seemingly increased the customer satisfaction ratio.
  3. India being a diverse language country, Businesses often need multi-lingual help to expand their business. This is simplified as Cloud telephony services assist business communication by overcoming the language barriers. Customer calls are transferred and routed to language professional thus, streamlining business communication.

With such a promising technology, Indian businesses are continuously evolving how they work and communicate with their customers. If you are also looking to revamp your business processes and leverage cloud telephony benefits, then contact us now.

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