You might have heard how modern technology is changing businesses landscapes but have you experienced it yourself? Continue reading to understand how with the help of new-aged technology, transforming business processes & solving complex customer problems are simplified.

Understanding Customer needs with Modern Technology

Customers are dynamic. Their needs, want, desires, way of communication, purchase thought, purchase journey, buying behaviour, and a lot of other factors are distinctive from each other. Understanding all these factors and timely responding to them creates a much better relationship between the customer and business.

Moreover, giving them fast-paced solutions can thrive in your association. These are not possible single-handedly and need the intervention of new aged technology. Drafting the right plan and taking corrective actions to boost engagement with an adaptable modern technology will change your customers perspective to a large extent.

The smart customer understands his choices and knows ways to get maximum satisfaction. The digital era has given customers higher authority and businesses shall understand this to boost customer satisfaction.

Moreover, if we speak about social media, customers have a choice of their own. A voice which can either break or make your brand. So acknowledging what your customer wants and desires from your brand stand extremely important and crucial. Sounds scary to match up to their expectation.

Don’t worry, We at MyTelly are here with the right set of modern technology and tools to help you in ways unimaginable.

Which modern technology to invest in?

Businesses are evaluating new techniques and style to break through their business communications. One great technology that has been quite promising for a long time is Cloud-based solutions. With a number of solutions being offered, cloud telephony has proved itself over the period of time. Let’s look at what it has to offer?


IVR is also known as the Interactive Voice Response System is a robust technology used by businesses excessively. This technology allows customers to interact with a computerised phone system and navigate through various options to choose from. Therefore, preventing Human intervention and resulting in calls landing to specified departments only.

Missed Call Solutions:

Want to generate potential leads at less cost, then go ahead and invest in Missed call solutions. This modern technology is helping enterprises to tap potential markets with the least possible internet connectivity with just a missed call. On the other hand, missed call solution campaigns also help to collect feedback from your target audience and make smart decisions.

Virtual Number

A single number for all your customers is what a Virtual number is. Moreover, this number also use the call whispering technique which on the other hand is a highly useful technique. This technique assists the agents to understand the history of the customers in no time, Likewise, resulting in great customer interaction.

Click to Call

Don’t want to lose your customer? Divert him to call you immediately when he faces issues. Click to Call Solution helps customers to connect with you by simply clicking the number on the website to call you. How easy is that isn’t it? In other words, interacting with your customers is very much simplified

OBD Solution

Want to call all your customers and remind them for bill payments. In other words, Choose your customers and deliver your information on the go with OBD.

 Bulk SMS Solution

Everyone used mobile phones. Let’s take advantage of this and send an SMS. For Example, you want to introduce new offers for the month of October, Send all your customers SMS on their phone number on a specified date and time with no extra efforts. Not just restricted to one single customer, you can send bulk SMS to a list of customers in no time. Most importantly, SMS can be sent at a low cost and above all, it gives you a higher conversion rate as well.

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What you should expect from Modern cloud telephony Technology?

Planning to invest in the new-aged technology to enhance customer experience? Read below to understand what one should expect from it.

  • One single handed platform/Help Desk for all channels
  • Improved Customer Interactions
  • Business growth
  • Customer growth & Retention
  • High productivity of Agents
  • First-hand solutions
  • No waiting in the ques
  • Immediate resolutions
  • wide variety of digital channel to communicate
  • Understand customers in a better way
  • Reports to evaluate customer demand
  • Quality communication and much more.

Choosing the right technology will empower your business and revamp your customer experience. Convert all your customers into your brand advocates with the help of MyTelly Cloud based solutions.
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