It’s no brainier that to succeed in your business, you need to look after your customers. They need to be your first priority and no matter what situation comes, you have to check on their satisfaction levels. All of us understand how important it is to keep a customer satisfied. A happy customer will indirectly lead to a good bond, repeat purchase history, brand loyalty & brand advocacy. It’s not enough to provide your customers with good customer service. You need to deliver Exceptional Customer Service with what you do.

If we look in the detail, customers now have all the right to share their experiences, good or bad with the world on digital channels. Not just this, the modern customer is well-equipped to find better options for themselves, if they aren’t happy with their current choices. So with an audience like this, you as an entrepreneur should step up in your game and do what exceptional you can do.

Let’s understand what Exceptional customer service actually means?

Defining Exceptional Customer Service

Fast, Flexible, Proactive, Respectful, Problem-solving, Highly Responsive, available 24*7. These are all the features that your CX service reps should provide to your customers to keep them happy. Yes, all these qualities help to provide “good customer service”. But remember, it’s just good, not exceptional.

Every business be it small, medium or large-scale has the standard criteria of wowing their customer with all the above-mentioned qualities. It’s evident enough that all these did wow us for a right amount of time earlier, probably at the time of our grandparents or parents. In fact, one would have been highly pleased with such kind of service before. Lately, it was all in the past not anymore.

If you aim for good, you would never reach to exceptional. Keeping the good at the minimum and exceptional as your goal, you would be able to succeed.

The modern era demands something exclusive and exceptional. Service which ain’t common. We would list out 3 such exclusive abilities which lets your customer service level set out than the rest. So let’s understand what are these in detail.

Exceptional Abilities that one should have include

Being Considerate:

Being considerate means surpassing all the expectations of your customers. Going above & beyond while offering support to your distressed customers makes you generous. An attitude like this will surely attract many customers and build you a “good image”. Being generous with your acts when you interact with your customers is like going the extra mile. Offering them extra help with an issue that they can face probably in the future can show your customer how much do you value them. Sharing special discount coupons or providing complementary products/ services, fixing simple issues of refunds & helping them with a replacement item that could solve their problem, all are ways to show how generous and considerate you are for your valuable customers.

The thing they never thought of:

To be exceptional, you need to be different. Offer them which they never thought of. Something unexpected, something which others don’t do. Let your customers know how important they are to you. Moreover, Deliver an exceptionally wow factor that exceeds their expectations. And no matter what happens in the future, they will always stick by you. Yes, this is the power of exceptional customer service.

Personal customer attention to exceptional customer service:

That human touch to every conversation will lead to a better customer experience and great satisfaction level. In other words, Train your agents to show empathy and listen to what a customer has to say. One should interactively ask out questions to open up new facets of the conversation. Facets that could point out newer possibilities to help and support customers. Agents should build personal connections with the customer and offer them support on a proactive basis.


It’s not a service that a company should aim to provide to its customers, it should be beyond that. Most Importantly, as an entrepreneur, you should drive a change. A change to the actual definition of providing customer service. Empower a shift, go above and beyond to offer support, build healthy relations and nurture incredible customer experiences.