The contemporary customer wants something different. He just doesn’t want targeted ads and campaigns, he wants stories. Stories that could build a human connection. Moreover an emotional connect. Consumers are upgrading and want to live in a realistic world & marketplace. A marketplace/platform which is ad-free and derives some or the other benefit for everyone.

They want to engage and read something interactive, realistic & foster something new every time. They don’t want marketers to target them with their ads and lure them to buy something which ain’t worthy.

This blog is dedicated how marketers should built a space for each customer which builds an emotional connection and helps to elicit emotional response.

Ways to build an emotional connect

Before starting this, let us remind us that everyone is responsible to create emotional branding. Not just a single team is responsible to build such a connect. Right from the sales & marketing teams, to the ones working in the support team, everyone should be aligned to create a brand that connects with the audience.

Let us take you through the ways you can do so.

The Human connection

So your CX service department is the first one who represents your company as a brand. They speak directly to your customers and are responsible for building a good image. The customer’s reaction highly depends on what kind of service and solutions they get from your CX service department. The interaction between the two can either pave the way for a stronger relationship or ruin the existing one. With the idea of keeping the customer intact for the future, one must talk with empathy and understand what problems the customer is facing.

One should focus on the power of emotions. We as humans highly value people who could connect to the same wavelength as ours. We tend to share a pretty strong emotional bond. One which gravitates us back to each other again. This is the foremost step that as a marketer one should keep in mind while building an empathetic and emotional connection.

Valuable insights like no one else

So while you interact with your audience, make sure you share valuable insights on how customers can solve their problems. The content you share should be different & exclusive. Formulate responses which have your brand value and something which other competitor brands cannot share. There are two ways to a problem. One which is common and latter which is unique. Common is something everyone would tell and unique is something which has your own different take. Communicate to your target audience that you and your brand offer something valuable and worthy. They will definitely come back for more.

Establish an emotional connection with legit stories

So customers don’t want brands to regularly keep on targeting them to purchase products. They want something insightful through which they can connect & create a bond. You as a marketer need to give your target audience a story backed up with potential statistics. A story which could help your customers to indulge in products and service which could give them a better life. Adding it with more benefits like saving money, healthy and better choice and much more. Be transparent about every story you tell. Create value for your customers. This will equip you with brand loyalty, brand advocates and great customer relationships.

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So building a brand with an emotional image doesn’t clearly require much work or bigger changes. The majority part of it is quite simple and needs just a few changes here and there. Changing your approach can build you great results in the future.
Remember, Customers, make their purchase decisions depending upon how they feel. So make them feel better about their choices, Show them compassion, care & empathy and add that human touch.