NBFC(Non-Banking Financial Company) sector in India is transforming & evolving to add to the growth of our economy. With more than 9650 NBFC’s currently active in India, satisfying monetary & borrowing needs of a major part of the population of India is simplified.

These NBFC’s majorly include finance cooperatives, gold loan providers, investment companies, microfinance, etc. These NBFC’s address the market size of approx 30 lakh crore which is a whopping amount in itself.

With the ability to create an innovative product according to the needs of the target audience, NBFC’s have made it to the top. But still, a majority of this sector hasn’t overcome the problem of customer communication. When it comes to assisting customers and offering 24/7 support, the NBFC sector fails to stand up to the expectations.

So here we are, with an ideal solution that could transform customer communication. Mytelly’s smart cloud solutions will help to communicate, hear, respond and solve significant customer problems and add to the progress of an NBFC.

Reasons Why the NBFC Sector Must Embrace Cloud Telephony.

Expand Customer Base

The Indian market is hugely diversified and making services available to each customer becomes a daunting task. Especially reaching out to people settled in rural areas. But with cloud telephony, reaching lakhs of consumers immediately gets simplified.

Embracing cloud telephony allows the NBFC Sector players to build and create a strong reachability & connectivity system to connect with their target audience. Simply shifting from a legacy method to a smart cloud solution will help to grow the customer base and communicate effectively. Send customers important information and attract new customers with cloud telephony.

Data Privacy: A Must for NBFC Sector

The main problem is data loss and theft. Since employees work from remote locations, security is always a big-time concern. Here cloud telephony and its smart solutions offer reliable security measures to ensure no loss of data which is crucial for any NBFC.

Say, for example, customer personal information can be stolen intentionally or unintentionally too. With a cloud solution, the agent need not access customer information like the customer’s phone number or any other information. With a virtual number, an agent can initiate customer communication and connect to him without viewing his number.

Connecting to Each Customer Call

Being available to each and every customer is a must. Round the clock is possible with different shift timings of a customer call center or with the use of cloud solutions like IVR or self-help options. Round the clock, teams assist the customer to a great extent but features like IVR & others help to solve monotonous customer queries which keep barging in.

Queries like knowing the balance of the card or the last entry etc can be solved with self-help options. IVR on the other hand connects to the right agents for immediate problem-solving. Cloud also assists employees who work from remote locations. So, in short, no customer calls gets avoided thus offering great customer satisfaction to all your customers.

Wrapping up:

The increasing trend to offer better customer satisfaction and experiences can be easily fulfilled with cloud telephony services. These smart solutions offer the NBFC Sector players enhanced capabilities and resources to solve customer problems instantly. In other words, you can raise the bar of customer satisfaction with smart cloud solutions and eventually benefit from enhanced ROI and brand value.

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