While the primary stage for cloud telephony a.k.a known as cloud computing in India was not that exciting and eventful, it has slowly picked up. Different enterprises and businesses no matter their size, have voluntarily adopted smart cloud solutions. The growth in the year 2021 for hosted telephony is about to rise with quite a bright future.
Smart cloud solutions have encouraged and guaranteed enterprises a seamless communication process.

Moreover, it ensures uninterrupted access to data from any place at any time. Thus, cloud computing continues to be an indispensable asset to develop agility and higher business profits.

This blog will take you through cloud telephony trends that you should look out for in the year 2021.

Cloud computing trends shaping 2021.

The power of 5G.

Embracing the power of 5G will now be possible in the year 2021. 5G is the latest cellular technology which will give users ultimate high-speed internet browsing speed at extremely low costs. It will ensure to give users an extraordinary experience with low latency with a 100X faster speed when compared to 4G.

Unified communications in 2021

Various communication channels will merge into one in 2021 for seamless interaction. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to maintain social distancing & take proper measures to ensure safety. Because of which everyone accepted to stay at home. Amid all this chaos, enterprises have chosen different ways to communicate. Video and audio conferencing tools to maintain business continuity are being embraced. A need for a unified system that helps everyone to communicate is the need of the hour.

In other words, a system which combines video, audio and other data modes is a must for seamless communication.

All this will ensure that no matter what crises we face, with a unified system, we can enhance efficiency and boost healthy collaboration between everyone.

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Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Already accustomed to Smart Artificial intelligence technologies used in SIRI & Alexa, these are here to stay in 2021 too. Automated chatbots and voice response voice system will flourish this year for better client servicing. This automated help will help businesses to cut down unnecessary costs of hiring extra-human agents. This technology will perform monotonous work while supporting human agents to work on heavier tasks.

These trends with either continue to increase or probably take off, one thing is sure that 2020 has given businesses to survive with these cloud computing technologies. Moreover, these have helped businesses to survive whilst this pandemic. So invest in ones that are highly resilient, scalable and flexible.