Ever since the pandemic has started, the workplace of employees have changed and they have quite become used to working from home. In a scenario where people can’t physically be present with each other, the need for effective communication with colleagues becomes more essential.

In a similar way, customer interactions should continue to occur in an uninterrupted manner. For this purpose, organizations require to adopt cloud telephony through which they can receive calls on their mobile phones at home. This is when cloud telephony solution comes into the picture. 

Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt Cloud Telephony

adopting cloud telephony


Cloud telephony enables the agents to work from anywhere and handle calls more efficiently without having to sit in the office the whole day and attend customer calls on a telephone or a cell which doesn’t even have the option to transfer calls. 

Using a cloud-based telephony system, you’ll have an extension of your office from wherever you’re working from and to whatever gadget you are using like a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. 

With My telly’s comprehensive cloud telephony technology you can ease out your everyday customer interactions.

Quality Communication

One of the most useful advantages of cloud telephony is the highest voice quality while interacting with the customers and reduced time for data to get across its destination. 

It doesn’t matter how small or a large scale business you have, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a bigger hardware. Unlike in PBX systems, cloud platforms can effortlessly entertain an increased number of agents.


On-premise systems require a separate space for their hardware equipment and come with all sorts of maintenance costs, updates and repairs. Whereas, with cloud telephony, you only need to pay a monthly price without any extra fees. 

For every customer call that gets deflected to the agent’s cell phone, the probability is they get charged for it even if some of the calls are not even useful. By switching to cloud telephony solutions you wouldn’t be charged by any stretch of the imagination.

Better than EPABX in Numerous Ways

  • Easy installation

Unlike a PBX system that consists of a knot of wires, switches, phones and routers, cloud telephony only needs a stable internet connection. Installing cloud telephony is easy and usually takes less than an hour, where PBX systems take days.

  • Changes can be make quickly

Using cloud telephony makes it easy for you to update the change adding or removing agents. 

Additional Features 

Cloud telephony provides you with the easiest way to maintain your customers relations using a single website. You don’t have to worry if your agents are not physically present to attend customer calls because you get access to virtual assistants. That means you’ll never miss a call or a chance to generate new leads. 

You can likewise modify your number and make it either local, public or freephone to pull in clients and put across whatever message you need to your clients. 

Automatic Updates 

As cloud telephony is entirely based on the web, it goes through regular updates which saves you from the threat of your framework becoming outdated as you always get the best update system. 

My telly keeps a track of product updates so that you can get access to the best features. 

Monitor Staff from Anywhere

Cloud telephony keeps a record of everything starting from the duration of calls, call volume, response times of agents and the average number of calls made by each employee along with call recordings. 

This enables the team leaders to keep a track of staff’s performance even if they’re not physically present in the office. They can connect with the employees in case of any issues and can also guide them at the same time.


From all these reasons, it is clear that cloud telephony is not only cost-effective but offers more features than traditional phone systems that require a lot of hassle in installation and maintenance. 

The way how businesses work is changing at a faster pace and the most innovative way to match the growing customer demands is to adopt cloud telephony.