Whether your marketing campaigns are going to be successful or not depends mainly on the persuasiveness of your communication tactics which you use while reaching out to your potential customers.

Why would a customer be interested in your services if your business fails to provide a high-quality customer experience? For providing 24*7 customer support, whether it is online or offline, the agents should make sure that they are able to solve customer queries in a systematic way. 

Internet voice response (IVR) is a solution that enables call centers or service-based businesses to improve their efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

What is IVR?

The vast majority of you must have heard computerized menu reactions when you attempt to contact the call center for services. That automated menu is known as IVR, it enables the customers to connect with the right agent that is responsible for solving queries.

IVR number systems are based on voice recognition or keypads. As they don’t need an agent to transfer calls, they save a lot of time for customers. 

How does IVR work?

Each IVR framework is unique, yet most follow a conventional sequence. The initial step is the customers dialing and listening to the pre-recorded message. In the next step, customers enter specific numbers on their keypad to choose their favored language. Lastly, the customers get to choose from different options. For example, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for specialized assistance, etc. 

Something essential to remember is that IVR systems are not just for large ventures. Both large organizations and private companies can utilize IVR for promoting purposes. These systems are an extraordinary source for inbound calls just as outbound calls. Intelligent call routing is also one of the most useful features of IVR, but its benefits go far beyond call routing.

Benefits of the IVR system for Business Marketing

Benefits of the IVR system

1. Intelligent inbound call routing

Call routing may seem like an insignificant feature, but improving the inbound call routing can actually do wonders for your business. In present times, customers want to associate with firms that are up-to-date, dependable and fast to react to queries. 

Speech recognition IVR systems contact tones make the inbound call routing process smoother, so that less help staff is required and your customer needs get fulfilled quicker.

2. Customer feedback

Behind any established business, customer satisfaction plays a major role. By getting proper feedback from your customers, you can get an idea of whether your quality of service has proved favourable to your customers or not and you can learn where your staff is lacking behind. 

Prearranged IVR calls help you contact the customers who you assisted earlier and ask them to take a speedy touch-tone or voice survey.

3. Notifying customers with service updates 

IVR system for business marketing lets you reduce the number of follow-up calls you make. Using IVR gives you the freedom to tell the customer their direct mail campaign is being sent, deliver updates about services and notify them whenever a new service is added to your business. 

One thing important to be kept in mind in today’s business scenario is that purchasers couldn’t care less about building up a long business relationship. Their only need is to get the services with minimum interaction. 

4. Lead generation for promotional campaigns 

You can use IVR to generate new leads. Apart from sending emails to potential customers, you can ask them to contact you on your IVR number. For instance, a quick survey on the type of solution which they are using and is that working for their business or should they consider swapping to your solution. 

When clients approach your IVR number and react to the IVR menu, it can associate them with your salespeople. You can also direct them to various agents depending on their queries. Thus, you can make the entire lead generation smooth. Your clients may not necessarily make a purchase but you’ll have access to their contact details and survey responses.  

5. Knowing your audience’s purchasing needs and habits

It is important for marketers to know what their customers are habitual to buying and what are their needs. Surveys offer a clear understanding of your customer’s preferences. You can request them for feedback on your products and services so that you can get to know what type of products they consider worth purchasing. 

IVR surveys enable you to receive honest responses from customers. Using auto-generated IVR calls you can modify any inquiries or change them as you need while having the option to evaluate feedback right away.

How to implement IVR?

How to implement IVR

An IVR will wind up being the primary communication that new clients have with your business. Thus, before making your purchase, analyze the highlighted features of different IVR systems. 

The most significant factor to be considered while choosing the right IVR for your business is, your system should be easy to operate with the strong possibility to associate with a live specialist at the earliest. 

Consider trying out the IVR system for a week before implementation so that it can be easier for the agents to learn about the features and make modifications if they face any problems during the implementation process. 


Now that you know how important the IVR system for business marketing, you must be thinking about choosing the right IVR for your enterprise. My telly offers an advanced IVR system that can help you fulfil assist your customers in a personalized way. 

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