If you are running a bulk sms campaign, you probably want to excite your customers towards your services through the sms medium. 

Short Message Service (SMS) is the fastest and cheapest way to communicate with your customers. It is a major way to enhance customer service level as it takes seconds to transmit your message from anywhere. Though sms marketing is a written communication model, you need to be very careful with the subject, language, and message. 

However, there are other important things as well to consider. Those are – Time Scheduling, List Segmentation, Frequency of Sending, SMS Partners, and more. 

The prime reason for bulk sms campaign failure could be the biasness in the context of the above examples. 

Some take it lightly while others totally ignore their presence of existence in the referral. 

And then people come into the state of argument and ask questions against the failure. 

  • Why did my sms marketing campaign fail?
  • Is there any problem with the content, route partner, or others?
  • Why I am not able to generate leads through bulk sms campaigns? 

And probably many more questions continue…

If your bulk sms marketing campaign isn’t giving you the desired results, then this blog is for you. 

I’ve pointed out some common SMS marketing mistakes while running bulk sms campaigns. I’ve also mentioned solutions to each mistake which will help you to take a better step in your text-marketing campaign. 

SMS Marketing Mistake #1: Not Knowing Your Audience 

If you are not doing your research properly and not even knowing who is your potential audience, the chances are high that your bulk sms campaign will suffer to a great extent. 

Well-defined research gives you the potential list of audience in hand from which you can drive goals, set objectives, and plan in a good way to drive results. 

In addition to this, marketers can create impactful sms campaigns when they know their audience and understand their behaviour, buying patterns, requirements, etc.


To help you know your audience, start examining their demographics such as age, gender, pain points, and lifestyle preferences and try segmenting your audience into relevant groups, and design effective message templates for each of them.

Text Messaging Mistake #2: Effective CTA Is Missing 

CTA stands for Call-To-Action is the trigger-based word that encourages readers to perform some specific actions. Some common CTAs used in sms campaigns are “click here to know more”, “Reply with (__)”, “Go to (__)”, “subscribe today”, “Join today”, and so on. 

If you’re missing out to mention these CTAs in your message, then the chances are only your message would get only recognized as a Read-Only purpose. 

However, if there is a presence of SMS CTAs you offer your reader to perform more than just reading by couping them to click on the link. 


The simplest thing you can do is to place CTAs strategically to ensure that your customer does miss out. 

Mass Messaging Mistake #3: Sending Messages At a Wrong Time 

Time is Everything 🙂 and it matters most in SMS because sending a message at an effective time brings productivity to the sms campaign. 

Imagine how it sounds to you when receiving a new-year discount offer from your favorite brand at midnight. You will surely not look at it and may possibly avoid it too when waking up. It not only leads to ruin your campaign efforts but also restrains relationships with them.

It will be good to send SMS in the afternoon or in the evening time as people look into their devices mostly. 


The solution is simple, don’t get excited to text too early. Avoid sending too many messages during holidays or weekends as it could lead to a high unsubscribe rate. Choose your time window carefully based on your industry and customer’s preferences.

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SMS Campaign Mistake #4: Not Using Simple Language 

In SMS marketing, the message plays an important role. The words and phrases along with the emotions you mention should be clear and easy to understand. 

Not all audiences perceive your message as one does, so try to make a shorter message with clear and simple language. Avoid adding complex words or words that show disrespect. Additionally, avoid using too industry-specific words as those may sound a bit harder to understand. 


To help you more, look at the following mentioned words list you must avoid in SMS Marketing: 

  • Words that are baseless and unbelievable (never before, the best, one of the perfect, magical, etc.)
  • Words that make you too promotional.
  • Avoid too wordy paragraphs. Try to convey your message in fewer words.
  • Words that show disrespect. Completely avoid using words that may aggravate your clients.

Text Marketing Mistake #5: Long and Convoluted SMS Template 

Many sms marketers including newbies make the mistake of creating long SMS messages. This is what they should stop doing it right away! 

In this modern, day and age, customers usually glance at SMSes from the notification bar and clear them right away. A concise, clear, and call to action message should be enough to put your message across and encourage them positively without taking much of their time. 


As much as possible, try to follow the 3C’s of SMS Marketing in Text – Clarity, Concise, and Call-To-Action. Always try to draft a short and easy-to-understand message.

SMS Marketing Mistake #6: Partner With Wrong Bulk SMS Provider 

To leverage mass text marketing, you need to partner with bulk sms solution providers, and based on your requirements, they offer you support, technology, and assistance for successful text marketing campaigns. 

But most people fail to do so, they get trapped by the fake sms service provider and are unhappy with their services. Thus, it is important to choose a reliable and smart bulk sms service provider. 


Things to consider while choosing an SMS service provider:

  • Test before buying
  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Good customer support
  • Reasonable price

If possible try to visit their office and have a chat with them, this will reveal some important insights about their character, behavior, thoughts, and strategy. 

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