Every customer wants superior experience from brands they invest their money in. All they need is a well-tailored experience which makes them trust the brand each time. For doing what is expected, companies need to work over their strategies each time. In other words, businesses need to have a solid plan to provide what their target audience wants. Unlike the older times, this seemed to be quite a hectic task but now with the advent of technology, nothing seems difficult. Yes, you read this right. Cloud Telephony aids customer communication by automating each process to provide the best customer experience.

The dynamic needs of the customers and the competitive market don’t allow businesses to leave anything behind. The ever-changing needs and wants of the customers are certainly the most important. What cloud telephony has done is that it has assisted businesses all over the world to transform how they used to work. Also, it has given businesses an advantage to leverage technology in ways one didn’t think of.

Let’s look at how you as a business can use cloud telephony smart solutions in a number of ways to connect with your audience. Moreover, these points will help you to provide a seamless customer experience.

Customer communication with IVR

So IVR has transformed how you communicate with your audience. You provide them with easy self-help options which could solve their problems in a jiffy. And that too with any human intervention. Of course, your agents will interfere in solving queries which are complex and cannot be solved on own. But the main benefit is that your customers need not wait in long phone ques just to connect to an agent who can solve their problems. The self-help menu that IVR offers has a variety of options to choose from. On the other hand, all the customer calls are recorded for future references either by you or your agents. Agents can extract the history of the callers and their problems and effectively solve tedious queries. In addition to this, IVR call recordings are also helpful when you are tracking the results of any of your marketing campaigns.


These are yet another amazing technology offered by Mytelly. They allow your customers to communicate and solve their queries without contacting the customer service center. These chatbots are available on the website with whom your customers can interact. Chatbots can answer customer queries to a great extent which reduces the need of a human agent to a great extent. They have answers stored in their system to monotonous customer queries which save a lot of time of both customers and the agents.

SMS & Email marketing

Customers love brands who care for them and offer them useful information with just a few clicks. Cloud telephony creates a notch up in customer communication with solutions like SMS & Email Marketing. These features allow businesses to connect customers in a very easier way. You can now send SMS’s or Emails regarding the current offers, promotions or any other lucrative deals. All of these will engage your customers and bring them back. These are a better option to initiate communication or interaction without the need of making a phone call. Not all customers would like getting calls from brands on a daily basis. SMS and Email marketing are a great alternative to other mediums of communication.

All the solutions discussed here in the blog allow your to connect with your target audience easily. Moreover, you can do this without or very less need of human agents which indirectly will save a lot of money. This money can be invested where it is required and so can your efforts to communicate. All this can be acheived with Mytelly’s smart and easy to use solutions.