The business of real estate and property selling is much more than it looks like. Not only mind-blowing deals and great offers on properties, but this industry also has so much more. It involves huge funds, a great amount for investment and majorly trust of your customers.
Discovering and obtaining a home sweet home is such a difficult task for customers. They don’t know whom to trust and who not to. This is a tricky business. Not just tricky, it is one which demands great attention and time of both the seller and the buyer.

But, to deal with individual customers and keeping in touch personally to provide great customer experience is slowly becoming a task. Yes, we understand the pain of connecting and convincing each customer. Not only this, the wait to close the deal while maintaining everything else is also quite an experience.

Well, we have a solution for you. Our solution will keep everything in alignment with your goals and that too in a cost-effective manner. All you need is to take a deep breath and read this article. Moreover, You will uncover ways to provide your customers with a great experience without risking anything.

Cloud-based solutions for Real estate businesses

Yes, you can go an extra mile without being stressed to please your customers and offer them a great experience with cloud telephony. Keep on reading to know how you can do it.

Solutions offered by cloud telephony:

Toll Free numbers:

So with Toll-free numbers, you basically allow your customers to connect with you without paying any call charges. Customers don’t prefer paying charges and you are doing just the right thing for them. They won’t step back from calling you for any query they have. Likewise, you will provide great customer experience and make yourself a huge base of customers.
You can generate more leads conveniently and enhance your brand value. Read more here about how toll-free numbers help you boost your business.

Missed call services:

Missed call solutions are a saviour. Your customers do not get irritated while waiting for their call to be answered. They can rather use missed call services. Wondering how?
Imagine a day where your agents are too much occupied with stressed callers. More and more callers are calling your number and asking for solutions. With Missed call solution, you basically allow your callers to give you a missed call. By this, the database will get updated with the caller’s number and once your agents get free, they will give a call back to the caller. So cases of frustrated customers waiting on hold for solutions will be the least priority for you to take care. Enjoy fuss-free communications with your customer through Mytelly’s Missed call solutions.

Virtual Number for all real estate needs

So Virtual number offer great easiness to your customers when they call you. A virtual number is a universal number for your business. You need not purchase a different number for a different location. A single number is easy to remember to connect with your customers. Moreover, with IVR, you present your audience with self-help options to route their calls to the right person who could answer their questions easily.

Bulk SMS

That’s obvious that in the real estate business, it is very important to maintain a connection with your audience. You cannot call them or meet them every day. Not only it’s impractical but time-consuming and hectic as well. What do you do then?

You can connect with them, send them important offers and details via SMS. Yes, its that simple to remind them how important you are for them and how much they value you. This builds trust and mostly helps you interact and connect with them.

What’s more for real estate?

cloud is a wonderful way to do business. It simplifies everyday communication problems and provide excellent customer experience. For this specific industry, it has a number of solutions to work with. Its is easy to use and cost effective too unlike the traditional systems. It provides great data security with 24*7 availability for your customers.

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