Banking and Finance Industry communication modes are rapidly changing & evolving. Right from sending letters to now communicating through emails and texts, customers have changed how they interact.
But the fact that no technology has still been able to replace communication via telephony in this modern world is evident. Meanwhile, Smartphones have given the privilege to get information anytime anywhere. But personal connect with customised customer experience still plays an important role.

The Gradual shift:

The traditional way lacked the ability to provide immediate customer service and satisfaction. However, cloud telephony has improved customer experiences, secured data and surpassed customer expectations.
Therefore, features like IVR menu options, OTP confirmations, Missed calls, etc, make cloud telephony is the perfect fit.

This is to say that Cloud telephony offers customers an omnichannel support functionality for all their issues. Below are some important points which further describe what benefits does cloud telephony provide:

Benefits of cloud telephony for the Finance industry:

  • Secured Card Transactions: With OTP verification, no fraudulent activities can take place. It ensures that customer information like Pin code and other details aren’t shared with anyone else.
  • Reminders: With Bulk SMS feature, you can send your customer’s SMS which will never let them miss out any vital information or payment dates. Likewise, This in turn will build a better brand image and increase customer loyalty.
  • Promotional offers: Send promotional offers to your customers. For eg. Loan offers interest offers etc.
  • Voice verification: With the advanced functionality of voice verification, preventing frauds is easy. It allows your customer to verify who they exactly are through their voice. In conclusion, without verification, no transaction can happen.
  • Call Recording: With the cloud, comes another great feature. Feature to record calls and transaction for future.
  • Route calls with ease: Solve every transaction with ease on a mere phone call. IVR and its menu allow your customers to reach to their desired department and speak to the right professional for their issues.

Apart from this, cloud telephony services by Mytelly also provides benefits like
1.)Reduces cost and saves time and efforts,
2.)Efficient resources for providing great customer experiences,
3.) It offers great flexibility and scalability according to business situations, 4.) Unlike the traditional system, resources can connect to many customers via various platforms,
5.) Easy to use setup and dashboard


To sum up short, if you are looking to provide great services and unmatchable customer experience, then cloud telephony is the thing for you. Above all, we will also help you set up everything without any hassle.

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