Communication should be easy and hassle-free. Your users should be able to connect with you without any time and anywhere. You should always interact with your customers to provide the best solutions. A Toll free number is an excellent technique which Mytelly offers. Clients who want to scale up their operations and provide the best user experience use these numbers. These numbers of free of charge and allow customers to connect without paying anything.
This blog will discuss what these free of charge numbers are. Likewise, also explore benefits that these numbers provide you to boost your communication. So let’s get into it.

What is a Toll Free Number?

A Toll free number is free of charge number. This free of charge number allows your customers and clients to connect without paying any phone charges. The cost of incoming and outgoing calls is borne by the owner of the number.

Why does your business need it?

These free of charge numbers allow your customers to contact your without the need to pay any call charges. This simplifies the process to connect with your service provider and look out of desired solutions. This allows your customers to get right in the door without worrying to spend money to connect with you. It also has a dozen of other benefits which are explained in the later half of the blog.

Which type of business can use these numbers?

The use of these numbers isn’t restricted to a particular industry. No matter what industry you belong to, these toll free numbers can enhance your customer communication easily.

How do they work?

These numbers are like any other number with a benefit of no call charges borne by the caller.
1. You advertise the number
2. Your customer calls on the number
3. The calls get routed to the cloud server which then connects the business to the customer.
4. The customer without any hassle of paying any money for the call connect and gets the desired solution.

Features of a Toll free number:

  • Brand identity: A toll free number is easy to remember. Thus, it generates quick recall of the brand.
  • Call Recording: Record your calls and track them accordingly to find any deviations.
  • Easy call tracking: Track calls and measure their effectiveness.
  • Easily integrated: Handle humongous calls smoothly with advanced integration with auto-receptionist and IVR menu options.
  • Live panel availability: View all the history of the callers and help your agents to connect with them easily.

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