Modern technology and society have changed the outlook and the way how businesses address their customers demands. Only a few years ago, businesses had very fewer resources and tools to help with customer experience and interactions. But thanks to the growth in ingenious technologies, businesses now have smart solutions to work in an easy way out.
One such breakthrough technology is cloud telephony. It automates business communication, eases interactions and solves problems. It has offered more distinct ways to entrepreneurs to approach to their target audience.

This blog will discuss how smart solutions by cloud telephony have helped businesses to transform. So let’s get into it.

Speed up the interaction process for better customer experience:

Good customer service will offer you great business opportunities. Customers who like a particular business for their services tend to spread good reviews through word of mouth. This publicity is in itself is a great way to improve your customer base and boost growth. 

The way you handle your customers’ incoming queries matters the most, along with speed. What Mytelly’s smart cloud solution does is automate how your customers communicate with you. Moreover, it also automates how your agents respond to them. This, on the other hand, improves customer experience.

  • Live chat feature helps your agents to respond to the incoming customer queries immediately. This feature decreases the response time, thus, increasing customer satisfaction.  
  • The interactive database is one excellent feature that cloud telephony offers to soothe customer interactions. The database gets integrated with the CRM, along with every customer communication channel. The integration helps to amalgamate all queries coming from different sources into one place. Tickets get created which your agents can prioritise accordingly. So your agents can answer every incoming customer doubt on time without fail.

Personalised customer experience

Cloud telephony integrated your present CRM with IVR. This amalgamation offers your callers a personalised experience. Confused? How can it do it?

The agent’s database displays all details of the calling customers with their past interaction history. The agents can leverage this to dig in history and address the customers accordingly. Agents get to know the customer’s name, their past issues and other personal details beforehand. When agents leverage this, they allow customers to believe that the agent still recognises them, understands their issues, knows their details and prevents them from the hassle to repeat everything.

Reminding everything and taking feedback

So another great solution is SMS marketing. By this, we mean, that you can send your customers SMS’s for anything and everything. For example, want to remind your customers to make timely payments? Send them a message before the due date. When you remind your customers, this creates a better brand image. Not just this, you can send your customer current offers, deals and offer them coupons as well to attract them. This bits of information sent through a mere SMS can increase brand loyalty and offer increased customer satisfaction.

Along with this, you can send your customer feedback forms too. Feedback for call service, after-sales service or any other reason. Collecting feedback allows you to work in accordance with the customer wants thus creating a better image.

In other words, automation can help to change how your customers perceive your brand. Moreover, it can also improve customer service and experience. Mytelly equips your business with breakthrough technology and smarter solutions. Want to know more then call us now.