Every business needs a system to reply to every customer and help them with their problems. Investing in a call center solution will ease your customer interactions. But then the main struggle is which solution to exactly choose. The war is between On-premise vs cloud-based call center solution. The call to make depends on various factors like cost, scalability, agility etc.

To set the record straight and help you make the call, let’s understand these 2 most popular type of call center solutions. The goals here is to make you decide what solutions will suit better. So let’s begin with a detailed discussion about On-premise vs cloud solutions.

What shall you choose?

In this guide, we’ll take you through the exact meaning of both of these solutions. Likewise, we will also analyse how each of these work and what sets them apart.

Defining On-Premise call center solutions:

A set-up which is set inside the office premises. This is to say, that all the hefty hardware along with the software are present inside the premises. This solution stands better for those businesses who have many budgets to invest. It is a traditional system whose adoption rate is declining to a greater extent. An in-house team maintains and takes care of everything.

Defining Cloud-based call center solutions

Unlike On-premise solutions, cloud-based call center solutions work via the cloud. With no need to install hefty hardware/software, you can work efficiently via the cloud. Hosted offsite on the cloud by a third-party solution provider like MyTelly, these are easy to use. All you need is an application through which you can log in with a secure ID and password on your device. In conclusion, the cloud allows you to work from any remote location without the need for a physical setup.

On-premise VS Cloud-based call center solutions:

The below section will discuss more details of both the options. This makes businesses aware of the nuances while picking the right solution. The choice you make will impact how you communicate with your customers and their experience. So let’s dig into it.

  • Cost involved
  • Productivity
  • Flexibility and Scalability

On-premise VS Cloud call center: The wiser choice

The above 3 points clearly tell you the greater advantage that cloud call centers hold for businesses. The advantages of a cloud-based call center exceed those of an on-premise solution. 2020 pandemic has changed how we work and do business. Likewise, it has changed how a customer interacts as well.
A Virtual workspace is the need of the hour. From being reliable to offering great security, these tend to be the best-chosen solution in these turbulent times.

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