It’s quite evident that CoronaVirus is here to stay for an uncertain time. Getting back to any regular situation or a normal workday seems pretty impossible during this time. To maintain business continuity, short-term work arrangements seem to be the best choice. These ensure a safer work environment but comes with their own set of problems. Many employers worry whether employees will work efficiently in a no monitoring zone? Will they be productive enough while they are working from home? This blog will take you through MyTelly Cloud Telephony System and ways it can help your business. We will discuss our smart remote solutions assembled specifically for business continuity.

Why choose a cloud telephony system?

Since the uncertainty is here to stay, a cloud telephony system offers you the flexibility to work in a virtual environment. From being a cost-effective solution to automating every day tasks for less workload, it does it all for you. Unlike the traditional phone system, cloud telephony offers you diverse features which are tailor-made according to your business needs.
The following points make you access how you can use these smart cloud telephony solutions when your employees are working remotely:

Not limited to the office for working efficiently:

Cloud allows you to work from anywhere and anytime. Your employees are not restricted to a certain office seat to work and take calls. It allows them to work remotely in a virtual environment. A dedicated dashboard allows them to work in a collaborative manner. They can connect & perform their daily tasks smoothly. So basically all the features of a contemporary business phone system with one single dashboard available irrespective of location.

Retaining talent:

Businesses that allow their employees to work remotely have recorded a 25% lesser attrition rate than the ones that don’t. Other statistics tell us that 76% of the employees want to work longer for a company if it offers them flexible work hours and works from home facility. This itself makes this fact certain that with the cloud, you can retain the best talent and even attract better ones.

Managing and Monitoring made easy:

With Mytelly’s smart cloud telephony system, you get a centralised tool to monitor your employee’s performance on a real-time basis. From active calls to missed calls, from call recordings to much more, the cloud offers you a single database to track everything your employees do. This helps to find out where your staff is going wrong and what are the deviations. You can then use these recordings to conduct proper training.


Boosting your business and effectively working remotely during such uncertain times is possible with cloud telephony systems. These systems also lower down work pressure for IT employees as they get full control over the system easily. Connectivity becomes easy and so does collaboration. Tracking is a plus advantage making everything smoother and better.

With a variety of remote work from home solutions, working virtually becomes easier. You can contact us for more information and ways on how you can use this cloud telephony sytem.

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