Conversation, Partnership and connectivity are the 3 main aspects for Remote workers. Since the pandemic has hit every business, remote working/work from home is not a choice anymore.

This structure of remote working is now a default option for almost every company. But the main question here is how to measure remote employee productivity?

How to analyse if remote working employees are actually reaping you the same amount of benefits as earlier?

How to ascertain their sales and efforts that they are putting in?

Employers often debate on what are the ideal ways to measure sales and productivity of their employees. Modern technology has been a saviour which offers an effective plan of action with smart tools to track operations easily. This blog will take you through efficient steps of action that employers can follow to ascertain employee performance and measure their achievements.

So let’s jump straight into it.

Ways to Manage Remote Teams and Record Productivity

Track everyday performance

So the main trouble for employers is to track and view remote employees performance. For employees, there can be many distractions while working from home.

It’s evident enough that with these distractions, there can be a loss of employee productivity which directly affects performance. With Mytelly’s cloud telephony solutions, employers can get real-time data on their remote team performance. Virtual numbers allow managers to track each call received, calls taken and calls missed by your remote team. An added advantage of virtual number is that everything is available on a single dashboard that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Call Recordings

One great reason for cloud telephony is that it records each transaction. It is the best way to analyse employee hard work. You get to hear every detail of how your employee interacts with your customers. What is the customer satisfaction ratio and how well do your employees provide customers with effective solutions. These call recordings help you correct where your employees are going wrong and train them accordingly.

Detailed Reports

With MyTelly cloud telephony smart solution, you get daily, weekly and monthly reports. Detailed Reports on the number of working hours, revenue generated, calls taken, calls declined, the number of satisfied customers, etc help you to analyse employee productivity. Moreover, employees can use these detailed data reports to understand the total ROI generated. Most importantly, with these compiled reports, you can manage your remote team effectively and plan future endeavours.

Synchronised Collaboration for Boosting Employee Productivity

So you need to take everyone hand in hand, communicate on timely bases and work towards your goals. Yes, communication between teams is very important without which managing remote teams and making them work accordingly is impossible. Likewise, employers have to make sure that their entire team stays connected and work in collaboration with each other.

Your team needs to understand and value each other in order to perform better. They have to work in alliance and thus need to communicate. Connecting each day and planning goals in advance will prove very helpful to generate more sales and increase performance over time.

To sum up, Collaborating with smart cloud solutions with proper communication will eventually help to manage your remote team in a better way. It will not only help to measure employee performance but will also help you to boost employee productivity and motivation. To know more on how Mytelly’s cloud based solutions can help to achieve your goals and generate great ROI, then call us now