According to a study, 80% of the customers prefer speaking to a company agent on the phone before making any purchase decisions. 88% of the customers visiting your website are more likely to call you if there is a click to call widget available.

Well, considering the above statistics, it shows clearly how customers prefer to communicate before making purchase decisions. Each company wants to be a customer-centric business who takes care of all the customer needs on time. Let’s learn how you can be one with our Click to Call solutions. Keep on reading.

Having a website/application with loads of essential data and information wouldn’t always work. There are customers who are on a lookout to speak to a real live person for anything and everything. Furthermore, they want to know more intricate details about your product or want simple advice but surely yes they want it. Many company websites don’t even have a “Contact Us” page as by all means, phone calls are the most expensive and time-consuming channel to support. This often leads to customer frustration and second choices.

But if you want to step up in the game, you need to show that you are here for your customers. Click to call solution also known as Dual Call Patch is an ideal way to connect with your audience.

So what is Click to Call?

Click to call, a communication channel which allows a customer to click a button & connect with your agent in the lowest possible time. Yes as simple as it sounds, it is a highly effective medium to communicate. So for example, a customer comes to your website and starts scrolling. He surely is intrigued by all the information being posted there on your website. But, he wants more and more for better understanding. So he decides to speak to a customer care agent. He simply goes to the click to call button, clicks it and voila, his call gets connected in real-time. What a great impression have you left your customer with an immediate calling option. This feature saves him from the frustration of first finding a calling number and secondly waiting in the call queue.

Why do businesses need it?

Customers calling in for help are a great source to convert into sales. If you pay them good attention and solve their queries, then your business is likely to get more loyal customers.

As the number says, click-to-call widgets have directed a 400% increase in conversion rates.

So these numbers do speak up on their own which make this click to call option worthy enough. Let’s look why you as a business should use it.

Increased conversion rates

So when a customer calls you, you have an array of opportunities to convert him into a sale. A customer has called you specifically to understand detailed horizons of your product and services. By leveraging this opportunity, you can satisfy your customers and generate more loyalty in them.
Moreover, 86% of the customers are ready to pay more for a good and satisfactory customer experience and always stick around.
So you offer them convenience and they’ll offer you loyalty and high sales. Now you can communicate easily and never miss a lead with click to call widgets.

Better communication with click to call widgets

You save your customers time and prevent him from the hassle to search for a contact number and then wait in line. Most of the customers get frustrated and rather drop the call because the waiting time makes the process irritating and time-consuming. With click to call, the customer call directly routes to the agents, which ensure a seam communication process.
In short, you need to provide your customers with the right tool to connect which is click to call by Mytelly.

Provide a tailored experience with click to call

You can nurture your existing client base and also form new ones easily with this smart widget. It attracts potential opportunities without any hassle. Also, you can provide users with a more constant and modernised fast process for activities like asking queries, making purchases, filling forms etc.


Nothing can beat human touch in this digital era. The more you communicate, the more loyal customer base you will get. No matter if our phones or tablets have taken over daily synergies, the need to speak to a human in real-time to solve problems becomes a novelty.
Call us now to know more how you can communicate in a better way.