Virtual phone numbers are a saviour indeed. With its other innumerable benefits, Virtual number solve the contemporary business communication problems in almost no time. This smart business solution makes sure that your communication game stands top-notch while you work on the other important things.

One such feature that distinguishes virtual number from everything else is its call tracking feature. This special feature allows businesses like you to track their advertisement campaigns and understand which initiative drives more traffic. It’s obvious enough that when campaign about a certain product, you will track your results too.

A virtual number allows you to dive deep in the analytics and help you track your initiative results. Let’s understand it in detail:

How can a virtual number help with a campaign?

Since MyTelly’s Virtual number solution has helped businesses in the past to smoother their communication, it comes with additional benefits too. For example, if a customer is facing an issue, he would call up the customer care number. So technically, phone calls are a major source of communication.

Moreover, these potential calls equip you with a future sales opportunity. Additionally, the backend allows storing data and record every call which comes in. So when you market a business campaign, you get to track each potential call coming in via the campaign. The analysis allows you to understand your audience better and plan future campaigns as well.

How to design a call-tracking marketing campaign?

  1. You use a single unique number for a dedicated marketing business campaign. With a proper Call to action, you advertise this unique virtual number via various channels. This basically helps your customers to understand what you want to market and then they can reach you on the displayed call tracking virtual number.
  2. Once your campaign goes live, customer eye on your ad and then the interested ones call you. These calls land on your system and then gets directed to the right department.
  3. Voila, every potential call coming in gets recorded. You also get to maintain your own personal potential caller database. Moreover, you can also track your business campaigns and alter it anytime according to the current analysis. You can analyse the current metrics and then work up accordingly.

Advantages and Features of Call Tracking Virtual numbers:

1. Analyse which campaign is working:

Unlike other sources of advertisement, Virtual number sets itself apart. With this smart business solution, you can analyse the metrics easily via your online dashboard. These analytics are the real-time results of how your campaigns are performing. It also allows you to understand the results on a timely basis, thus allowing you to make the right future decisions.

2. Make your own database

Since every call coming in gets recorded, you create your own database of potential buyers. Use this database in future to send personalised offers, schemes or simply to retarget customers for future campaigns. So Virtual numbers allow you to capture all the leads easily without any miss.

3. Advanced call tracking analyses

While building you a legit database, This call tracking feature of virtual numbers allows you to capture realistic information for all calls you receive. With proper divisions , information pieces collected get arranged for better understanding. For Example, Calls bifurcated by location, Area, Pin Code, Caller basic information, Entire duration of the call, etc.

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With call tracking software, virtual numbers are very easy to use and operate to find results. A powerful tool to leverage which can altogether open up new realms of possibilities. Now, you can add a new dimension to your business campaigns easily with virtual numbers. Call us now to know more.