Cloud technology has changed the working style and business landscape for businesses all across the world. 

The technology with its varied features has proved to be a big boon to each business. Different businesses start with assessing, understanding and finally embracing the technology in the ways suitable for their growth.

The statistics predict cloud communication market to grow with a share of $4.45 billion till 2021.

The facts truly don’t surprise as businesses from each verticle be it Banking, healthcare, telecommunication, retail, travel and hospitality, education etc are choosing to shift to the cloud to become more flexible and agile.

Growth Drivers:

  • Easy customization
  • 24×7 availability
  • Professional image
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Increased savings
  • Enhanced productivity of the workforce.

Opportunities offered:

  • High reliability & Secured data
  • Effective
  • Business Growth Hacker
  • Required less capital expenditure
  • Easy employee performance monitoring
  • Projects a professional image
  • Multilingual support offered 

Key properties and features:

Virtual number: Virtual numbers support businesses strengthen & unite their distributed workforce with a single business number. Now your customers wouldn’t get irritated reaching different numbers to resolve their issues. With merely a unique number, callers can easily select language preferences, set their locations and choose other precise specs while calling on your virtual number.

Click to Call: An option available at the website wherein a customer can simply click to get in touch with the company agent. With just a click on the icon, a visitor sends a notification to the company for his interests and receives a callback for the same.

Missed call Solution: Missed call solutions perfectly work to interact with your set of customers. It helps to generate leads at a faster pace economically.

Mapping marketing campaigns, generating higher ROI & targeting the correct audience is much easier with missed call solution service. Customers who are interested in the services leave a missed call and their data is stored for the company to use.

Outbound services: A system which proactively calls a pre-set list of customers and communicates promotional messages, payment reminders etc. Select your receivers and communicate your messages on the go.

It takes care of your resources and proactively works in best accordance.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR): IVR is the key to solve customer queries in a hassle-free manner. A technology that allows a computer-generated pre-recorded voice or dynamically generated audio to assist the caller on how to progress for an achievable solution.

The modern tech-savvy world and customers have made it a top priority for businesses all across the world to notch up their technology. The competition for each business is huge and each of them cannot afford to lose any customer. Analyzing the situation, cloud telephony-based solutions allow businesses to work most excellently and present a trained, well-equipped, 24*7 available and tech-savvy image. 

If you are also an enterprise looking to stand out from your competition and not lose a single customer soul to your competitor, check out our cloud telephony solutions and expand your horizons like never before.