Who doesn’t use cellphones? This technology has been a saviour for the humankind in every way possible. Features like Call Service, SMS, Social Media accessibility and a lot more make everyday communication easier. Cellphones have created various ways of communication which are fast, reliable and cheap. One such feature that has been incredibly beneficial and widely used is SMS. Companies are leveraging Bulk SMS techniques to target customers and communicate with them in a much affordable way.

The message they carry is short, crisp and brief. Likewise, SMS are comparatively read more by consumers when compared to emails. With almost no extra time in hand, the present-day customer wants communication short and simple. Similarly, Bulk SMS is easy to read and less time consuming which make them apt for communication.
Lets’s take a look at what do statistics say:

  • Consumers will positively see what you send them as SMS open rate is as high as 98%.
  • 85% of consumers favour getting text communications over a phone call or email.
  • 71% of consumers prefer using text messaging to interact with a company.

Considering what the statistics say, we present you 5 reasons explaining why Bulk SMS is a better mode of communication.

Capture customer attention with Bulk SMS

Text messages/SMS give you maximum readability and attention. According to the statistics, 97% of the consumers read text messages immediately. With such efficiency, you can easily capture your customer’s attention immediately in almost no time. Most importantly, 64% of the consumer market believes that companies who send them text value their time and are showing progressive efforts. Moreover, SMS have the unmatchable capability to convince customers to pick one brand over others. So why not invest in this modern technology and enhance your communication.

Immediate results

You can instantly understand how many customers have received your SMS and how many have read it. The analytical data and reports allow you to understand what is the result of your SMS campaign. Likewise, it also allows you to see how much time did a customer take to respond.

Personal touch with SMS

SMS share a personal message. Grabbing one’s attention with a personal message sent on their phone can catch more eyes. You can have an instant and a much friendly way to have a direct conversation with your customer via SMS.

Cost-effective Bulk SMS solutions

When compared to other sources of communication, SMS is cheap when you send them in bulk. When compared to traditional methods, SMS provide great results at affordable prices. Moreover, you can send SMS to many customers at once with a single click.

Global reach with Bulk SMS

Text messages are able to reach people who use simple and advanced mobile phones and a cell phone tower. Location doesn’t matter for SMS. It can reach to a million people with just a click. Targetting customers globally becomes very easier with SMS.

High Reliability

Unlike E-mails, Mobile phones don’t have a spam folder. So you are assured that your SMS has reached your customer. Therefore, SMS prove to be the most reliable mode of communication.

Stunned with its unbelievable advantages, we are sure that SMS solutions interest you. Wondering how would go about setting up Bulk SMS for yourself. Call us now and we will help you out.