In the last blog, we spoke about the incredible benefits Bulk SMS provide to businesses of any size. We learned how businesses can leverage this technique to enhance their communication. Here we are again with a more detailed discussion on how you can do that. This blog post will tell you how you can formulate a Bulk SMS marketing campaign for your business. Also, we will reveal how you can go an extra mile with these mobile marketing campaigns to boost your interaction. So let’s get going.

Limitless opportunities with Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk SMS solutions by MyTelly are a great way to empower your interactions. It increases the value proposition of your messages quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.
These mobile-marketing campaigns allow you to advertise and communicate to a larger set of people spread across geographical locations instantly. With an almost 98 per cent open rate for messages, you can forge new pathways to 2-way communication for every sort of application, business or website online.

Understanding the best Bulk SMS campaign tactics?

1. Send your customers promotion codes:

An excellent way to boost sales and grab customer attention is to send promotional codes. You can also foster a sense of personalisation by customising your messages with the customer’s first name.

2. Special offers for special days:

Millennial want everything fast. Send them special offers and notify them to catch their attention. Free Shipping, 2-Day delivery etc you can do it all with SMS marketing campaigns.

3. Its Sale time:

Attract your customers and invite them to shop from your sale to avail exciting discounts. Obviously, who doesn’t like to save money and purchase more?

4. Show them you care:

Customers will love the extra attention and detailing and you can do that with SMS marketing. Send them important messages like their bill payment due date, appointment notification, links to important information from your website, etc. Not all promotion messages should be connected with simply Selling. Use this mobile-marketing technique to build a healthy rapport and image with your customers.
Businesses leveraged SMS marketing to send important notification on how to take care of your health during coronavirus which built them a more responsible brand image.

5. Take Polls:

Want to launch a new product line or simply want to take your customer feedback for your service, then SMS is the thing for you. You can get great customer responses easily which can help you further to take important business decisions. Apart from this, these polls will leave your customer intrigued on how well do you understand their expectations and formulate your products accordingly. The below example shows how seamlessly the brand took customer feedback and then sent them a coupon code. An effortless way to make the customer stick with you.
Now that you know how powerful this Bulk SMS solution is, let’s dive deep in and understand ways to build yourself an “SMS marketing campaign”.

Building yourself a Mobile Marketing Campaign:

Draft the message:

Draft a clear message for your customers which you want to convey with a clear call to action. Attaching a clear reason for which you have sent the SMS to your customer. If you want to receive replies from your customers, then make sure you send them the right set of information that they can act upon. Always create a sense of urgency in your message that will demand your customers to reply. For example, attaching an expiry date for your custom customer code.

Choose your Customers:

Make a list of customer phone numbers from your database. This list will comprise of phone numbers of those customers whom you have shortlisted to send SMS Via SMS campaign.


Schedule the time, date and day when you want to send your SMS to your customers. Choose a time that suits your target audience. Choosing the wrong time will not reap your benefits. If you set a frequency at which you want to send your messages, then you are not overdoing it.

Also, make sure you don’t repeat your messages which will force your customers to spam or ignore it. Also, planning your messages on a timely basis like Daily, Midweekly, Weekly etc, will help you to be present on your customer’s mind. Once you have scheduled everything, Send your message.

Track your results:

If you want to make sure that your campaign is doing good and offering you the right ROI, then you need to fine-tune it regularly. Just setting up and campaign and forgetting what you expect out it wouldn’t give you results. Check the metrics and responses you receive and then alter them as required. Find out what best works for you and then, do it again until you receive what you expect.


Once you get hold of what your target audience wants and plan an effective campaign, continue with it for lasting results. Make sure you don’t lose your presence. Use it well.

The Final Conclusion:

Bulk SMS Campaign is a smart way to communicate with your customers. Plus, it doesn’t cost you a fortune unlike other marketing tactics. So go on and try it for yourself and we are there to help you with this and so much more. Contact us now and understand how MyTelly’s robust Bulk SMS marketing campaigns can create a difference for you.