Contemporary businesses these days are equipping their customers to communicate via various platforms. However, just being socially present wouldn’t make a difference. For one to be effective and efficient, one needs to use modern technology and put it to use for maximum advantage.

For businesses that offer after-sales service support to its customer, a Virtual phone number is a very easy way to communicate. Since phone calls are everyone’s priority, you need to make sure that your communication stands top-notch. Let’s dive deep in and understand how a virtual phone number solve your everyday communication hassle.

What is a virtual phone number

It stands very important for us to understand what exactly virtual numbers are and how can they help your business.
A virtual number is a number who is not tied or attached to a particular phone number or phone line.

It is a product of cloud telephony which basically involves no messy wires or bulky unmanageable expensive hardware. An internet-based telephone system, it allows you to route calls according to the caller’s needs and requirements.

Also known as a smart caller, whose automatic call routing makes communication seamless and effortless. It is a single number which you can use for all department of your business. This means that your customers need not struggle anymore with a variety of phone number to reach a particular department.

How does the virtual phone system work?

Are you that business who is having a troublesome time to understand and manage incoming customer calls? Or if you have designed your system effectively, but you are still facing numerous issues every day? Are you callers disappointed because your agents are unable to answer to their queries?

Stuck with a huge amount of backlogged call requests? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Streamlining your calls is easily attainable with a virtual number. It brings you the right resources and techniques which you can use to make communication easy. It also upgrades your call handling process making your agents more confident to provide the best class customer experience.

According to a statistical study, Even with the rise of other online communication tools, 79% of the customers still prefer to contact service centers via phone calls.

Let’s understand how do virtual numbers work with a step-by-step guide.

1. Virtual Number assigned:

A unique and single virtual number works solely for all your business business. Advertised and made available to your target audience via various channels, customers can call you via this virtual number

2. IVR Greeting:

Once your callers call you, they hear a pleasant computer-generated voice. IVR is a customised call greeting presented when your callers call you and you can set your IVR in many ways. Designed with a pre-set keypad menu, allows users to choose from an array of options to reach desired results. When the user presses defined keys, IVR interprets the same and diverts the user accordingly. IVR represents a professional image that greets your callers in the beginning as well as while call diverting.

3. Smart call routing:

With the ability to track the location of the incoming customer call, IVR diverts calls accordingly. It considers the availability of the agents and diverts it to the required department accordingly.

4. Track your calls:

Calls get recorded each time your agents picks them up which can be further used to analyse deviations. Observing & monitoring your frontline agents who speak to your customers is now easily possible with Virtual number


Every business should understand the importance of a good customer experience and how can it benefit your business. The ability to provide a top-notch experience sets your business apart from your competitors. Equipped with all the features required for a reliable communication set-up, virtual number empowers your agents to delight your customers each day.