In our last blog, we discussed how you can easily get a virtual telephone number for small business and offer your callers a personalised service. We also understood how a virtual number basically works for any type of business.

This blog will elaborate more about what benefits does a virtual telephone number solution offer you.
Let’s unfold how virtual numbers offer businesses leverage to outgrow their performance and exceed their capabilities.

Features of a Virtual Telephone Number

Grab customer attention with a professional greeting:

Who wouldn’t want to awe one’s callers who call on your business number? Sound super professional with customised welcome messages and several voice menu selections. Not just this, you callers will also be hearing customised messages while the call is put on hold or transferred to another department. Easily integrated with IVR number, you can provide self-help options and avail the benefits of a virtual assistant without human intervention.

Never miss calls:

Your agents get the benefit of knowing who is calling and what is their past history. As a result, the agents can prepare themselves with all the necessary past information of the caller and assist professionally. This creates an image of the brand in the customer’s mind that agents remember the past conversations, thus minimising the time for a customer to explain himself again.

Moreover, cases, where agents are unable to take calls, can easily transfer it to other colleagues. Low customer frustration, no longer ques and great customer satisfaction ratio are features that a virtual telephone number benefit you with.

Eliminating unnecessary set-up costs:

Virtual telephone numbers allow you to say goodbye to unnecessary tangible costs. Since everything is done on the cloud, you need not invest in heavy infrastructure set-ups for smoother communication. All you need is MyTelly’s Virtual phone number solutions, a stable internet, agents to take calls and a device to host calls. Isn’t it simple?

Centralised communication with virtual telephone number:

With virtual number system, you get to manage a single number for all your calls. A virtual number acts like a centralised system and is easy to maintain. Moreover, you prevent your customers from the hassle of sieving through various phone numbers to reach you.

Use any phone number available:

You can use Virtual phone number service on any telephone number that you currently have. On the other hand, you can also deploy a special local number for a particular area where you have a set target clientele. You can do this for the locations where you are not physically available. A local number with a local area code will not cost you a fortune. It means lesser cost than usual for all the incoming calls.

Analyse everything with detailed reports:

It stands imperative for any business to analyse and measure their campaigns and contain any deviations for timely correction. With detailed reports, you can analyse how your business is performing. With every call recorded and stored in the database on the cloud. You can check how your agents are performing and how many satisfied customers you have.

Not just this, if you are running any campaigns, a virtual number solution allows you to track how many calls you have received along with the demographics. Moreover, you can make yourself a database out of all the calls received. This is to say, that you can evaluate how successful your business is in delivering satisfaction with virtual numbers.

Manage everything online on cloud:

Unlike a traditional telephone system, virtual numbers work on the cloud. They allow you to upgrade your business according to your current business and you get charged only for how much you use. Cloud facility allows you to use and access data anywhere and anytime. Open your browser, put in the secured ID and password and you have everything in front of your with a single click.

Enjoy Flexibility with Virtual telephone number system

Enjoy the flexibility in your operations and communication process with virtual numbers. Tailor fit it according to your business needs and specifications and offer seamless solutions to your callers without letting them wait in longer ques. Ensure first-point resolutions with virtual number systems without any hassle.

Remote Working with Virtual telephone number

The Corona-virus pandemic has indeed changed how companies used to operate. Maintaining social distancing and preventing employees from containing the virus is the main motive for each company in 2020. With a virtual number solution, businesses are working hassle-free with remote employees working from their safe homes. A virtual number which isn’t tied with a particular device has conveniently allowed employees to take calls from home and work effortlessly just like before. Likewise, employees can also be hired without worrying about their geographical locations as they can also take calls with virtual numbers. In conclusion, Unlimited communication with ease is now possible.


Better customer service and high customer satisfaction do wonder for your business. Likewise, you can also achieve the same with the virtual number. To sum up, you can streamline your communication process and provide the best services to your customers with Mytelly’s Virtual telephone services. Call us to know more about it.