With COVID 19 ravaging the world, Government have urged everyone to maintain social distancing. Most importantly, this measure stands very much necessary to contain the virus. Businesses also have embraced work from home/remote working model to keep their employees safe. But with Offices closed, employees working from home, Increased emergency calls, Organisations are having a hard time managing operations. With various concerns like productivity, virtual work environment, teamwork, stressed customers, it’s quite challenging for businesses to run smoothly. But if we talk about the progressive humankind, we have always been flexible and adaptable to new changes.

Similarly, with our evolving modern technologies like Cloud Telephony, we have formulated smart ways to make our moves effortlessly and move ahead with the new normal. Let’s understand how you and your business can accept the challenging time and work your way with MyTelly Smart Cloud telephony solutions.

Work From Home Drawbacks?

Since it stands crucial to enable your employees to work remotely, this virtual model has its own set of drawbacks. The transition to remote working is tough, but it is indeed the need of the hour. Let’s understand the downside of the the “Work From Home” model:

  • Poor communication between employees and your customers.
  • Inability to monitor performance,
  • Unavailability of proper technology to communicate,
  • Security concerns.

The issues just don’t confine themselves to the above-mentioned list. In reality, they are much more and equally hard to manage on a day to day basis

Smart Cloud Telephony solutions to the rescue for work from home model

It’s evident enough that one who plans to work smoothly needs to upgrade. By switching on to smart technology, organisations can embrace easy ways to work. Let’s bring light to smart cloud telephony solutions which MyTelly offers to various businesses like yours to work effectively. Understand how your business can also leverage these reliable solutions to enable your employees to work from home.

Issue: Poor Communication

Is “Work from Home” model resulting in poor communication within your teams and also extending to your customers? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Now you can facilitate excellent communication with our single dashboard which allows you to communicate with everyone on one screen. This single-screen dashboard helps you to manage incoming calls, helpdesk, video conferencing meeting, study employee productivity etc. all in one integrated screen. This standalone dashboard saves time spent in navigating from one source to another. It also ensures timely update and ensures no data gets lost/misplaced in the transition. Now you can offer great solutions to your customers and ensure not losing any of them. At the same time, you can make sure that your team interacts easily without any boundations.

Issue: Inability to measure performance during work from home

Is your employee taking enough customer calls to meet his targets?
Are those productive calls?
Are your customers satisfied with the solutions?
Is your employee missing calls?
All these details are necessary to evaluate your employee’s performance. Solve this issue with smart cloud solutions by Mytelly that offer you elaborative day end reports of your employee’s performance. A detailed document report, consisting of all the mandatory metrics to measure your employee’s efficiency. Proper call recordings are also available for evaluation. With Audits performed on these call recording, you can find deviations and correct them immediately.

Issue: Unavailability of proper technology to communicate

These uncertain times can have altered & unexpected situations. Situations like increased call volumes of distressed callers which results in a hard time to manage customers. If mishandled, this can lead to losing valuable customers or highly irritated customers. MyTelly offers you smart communication solutions like IVR, Missed Call, Social Media handling, Helpdesk, Virtual numbers, Bulk Messages etc. These solutions will highly assist you to ease out your communication process with your customers. Moreover, you can substantially increase your customer satisfaction ratio to a great extent. Your customers will like to stay connected with your brand in the long run and who doesn’t like that?

Issue: Security concerns

With the use of cloud solutions, you can have better control and great accessibility of your data at any time. With Administrator rights, you can control who can access and who cannot. Cloud Telephony allows you and your business to leverage tight security measures to protect your data in the most compliant way. The innovative and exceptional security measures allow you to use the best technology without any doubts. Moreover, with the low-cost factor, you can deploy the best security for your data.

Future Expectations

With the inception of Corona-virus, businesses need to find effective solutions to maintain business continuity smoothly. Therefore, with MyTelly’s smart cloud solutions, you can definitely step ahead and create many flexible situations for your business. Our Cloud-based solutions are easy to use, flexible and easily scalable and low-cost. To sum up, let MyTelly solve your day to day communication issues and make this work from home process seamless.
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