Before diving in the topic, let’s understand why do you and your business actually need to invest in cloud telephony solutions? The question here is “How do you outgrow your business and make yourself stand out from the rest of your competitors?” The Answer to this will be that you define an agile plan which will highlight your unique selling proposition.

The next question here is “How do you plan to execute your agile plan in a cost-effective and an intelligent way? You’d say Via Automating your entire plan. If we’d ask you “what do you mean by Automation?”
You’d say, investing in a technology which makes your tasks easier. In other words, automating current processes with modern technology for the following reasons:
1. Enhance your employee’s productivity
2. Better customer Experience
3. Transparent processes
4. Higher Profits
5. Multitasking made easy
6. Increased Efficiency
7. Reduce work time and a lot many other reasons.

We would like to answer what automation actually is. How automation can transform and reinvent your business in a way which you didn’t think of before. The answer is Cloud Telephony and its innovative solutions to work in a much more feasible manner.
The Quote “The Sooner, The Better” defines Cloud Computing in its own way. The sooner your business will adapt to automation, the greater advantages it will reap”.

Cloud Telephony Explained

Transforming your traditional communication system into a more innovative, easy to use, multifunctional and digitalised system is called Cloud Telephony. It offers your business a flexible and feasible way of working which stands essential for sustainable business continuity. In other words, Running your business from anywhere and everywhere is made possible with Cloud-based solutions. Unlike traditional systems, Cloud-based Solutions allow you to work remotely with just a basic internet connection and a phone/laptop/desktop. To sum up, you can work without any barriers with Cloud computing in a much cheaper and feasible way.

Products and offerings

The essence of Cloud Telephony

Uncover the realms of newer possibilities with cloud telephony and understand why you should invest in it.

Remote working

The onset of the CoronaVirus Pandemic was certainly not predictable. Businesses weren’t ready for it either. With no emergency plans, businesses have faced quite a lot while moving their operations to remote working. On the other hand, Cloud Telephony has been a saviour amid these crises. Forming a virtual workspace with a feasible technology is easier with cloud-based solutions. Agents can communicate with customers from anyplace, thus, declining the need to be actually present in the office. However, on the other hand, it is much easier for business heads to track and analyse the work done remotely. As everything moves to a cloud-based system, work is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Managing Customer Interactions with Ease

With Cloud-based solutions like IVR & Missed Calls, Customers can prevent themselves from waiting in longer call cue lines. IVR allows your customers to navigate through various self-help options to find suitable solutions for themselves. Moreover, IVR declines the need for human intervention thereby reducing work-load on agents. If the customers still like to interact with a human agent and the call lines are flooded with other customers, then Missed Call Solution comes to the rescue. With this, your customers can leave you missed calls and you can call them later.

Cost Saving Cloud telephony

Cloud computing decreases the need to install a hardware or software system specifically for smoother operations. Since everything is on the cloud, businesses need not spend money on installations. Moreover, it allows businesses to upscale according to their business needs and spend money on services which are actually being used.

Enhance employee performance

With cloud solutions, business heads get real-time data and detailed analysis of their employees performance. Each individual agent’s performance is captured in detail on the cloud every day. This analysis can be used to understand what are the deviations and proper steps of action can be taken to boost employee’s performance over time.


To sum up, Industries like financial institutes, education, e-commerce, delivery providers are effectively using cloud solutions. Likewise, you can too mark your global presence and reinvent your brand image with Cloud telephony. Want to know more, call us now.