Let’s Discover and Decode the modern-day technologies like IVR available in the market today. Understand why should your business use them and enhance your customer communication.

But let’s first understand how customer communication has evolved from what it used to be and why we need to take care of it as a top priority. Reliable and timely customer communication establishes the ground of a trustworthy relationship.

Customer Communication has undergone massive changes when compared to what it used to be years ago. Fast-paced technology is changing the dynamics to make communication faster and worthy of a customer’s time. 
Likewise, we have listed some valuable information about what customers expect in 2021.

  1. Customers do not stay loyal to a business for its products, price or service. Instead, they are much more interested in receiving a good experience in return.
  2. Almost 86% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services if they receive a better customer experience. 
  3. Many customers often indulge in impulsive buying if they receive a personalised experience.

Their perception of you is a result of how good or bad their experience was. As a result, Good customer experience will get you, loyal customers and brand ambassadors, too.

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Now that we are clear about what customers are expecting, let look at ways how we can offer them what they desire. Let’s learn how new-aged technology help businesses to enhance their customer communication.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response

IVR is an automated voice system that interacts with the customer when they call you. Thus, enables customers to navigate through various options and route to their destination. Moreover, customers find their answers while navigating through various options. In cases of complex queries, the calls get transferred to human agents. IVR has made communication a lot easier for businesses over the period.

Let’s understand IVR with an Example:

A customer called a bank for his query on their customer service center number. When the call gets connected, a computer-generated voice gives him options to select various alternatives. It also helps the customer to navigate and find answers to his queries on his own.

Like for example, if a customer wants to know his last bill for his credit card, IVR gives him the option for that. In cases, where the query is complex like the customer, the call gets transferred to a professional agent who then takes care of the entire issue. Like for example, a customer wants to understand the reason for extra charges charged. He can then use options to divert his call to an agent who can give him solutions.

Advantages of using IVR

1. Collect Caller Information:

IVR helps in Collecting Information like personal details, language preferences, query type, etc. These information bits get stored and create an organic database for your company.

Agents can use this information to understand the customer’s past journey. Who doesn’t like to speak to an agent whom you can effectively communicate? How easy a customer will feel when he calls a support center and the agent already knows his history. The customer doesn’t need to explain the entire issue again thus, saving his time and energy.

2. Direct Call Navigation with IVR

IVR provides the customer with various options to choose from. The customer can himself select the department he wants his call to divert too. This is all done on the back-end without the intervention of human agents. This saves much more time for the business to manually divert calls to different departments or agents to address customer queries. To sum up, the business can concentrate on the other important tasks and IVR can handle the customer issues

3. Personalised Experience

When a caller calls a customer care number, he is often greeted with a welcome message. This offers customers a personalised experience in itself and adds up to a good customer experience.

4. Multilingual Support

Businesses can leverage Multilingual Support through IVR. Businesses can use this feature to design a platform that is equipped with different regional languages. With a wide variety of languages being supported, Customer interaction is a lot easier. To sum up, A personalised experience with a preferred language is the best way to offer a better experience.

5. Track Deviations:

With the help of IVR, Maintaining call recordings is possible. These call recordings are an excellent source to understand customer interaction. In addition, these call recordings prove to be a great source to perform audits. In other words, call recordings to help businesses to track deviations in customer communication and help to plan a better strategy for the future.

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