Imagine half of the daily tasks being sorted and done without human intervention, helping you cut un-necessary business costs and easing out operations for your agents. Yes, this all is possible with AI AKA Artificial Intelligence.

Not only it saves time and efforts but also fulfils be the right choice for customers. With its abilities to understand and interpret customer sentiments, demographics, customers queries, conversation styles, etc, AI cloud telephony services prove to be a rescue for restricting irrelevant escalations, easy problem-solving, customer retention, customer satisfaction, agent productivity and a lot more.

Let’s understand how do AI cloud telephony services benefit Business & Customer both. 

A successful business will have tons of calls coming in daily ranging from simple queries like how to use the product to complex ones. Communication to each customer tends to be difficult and time-consuming.

By employing AI tools for Communication like Chatbots, Voicebots, Web-chats etc. customers experience doubles up. AI handles the monotonous & repeated queries, and the humans will manage jobs that are more tough, challenging and tedious, thus restoring businesses resources and using them effectively.

Thus a peaceful and harmonious blend of AI and Human Resources will benefit both business and its customers. Now let’s take a look at some AI-powered cloud telephony tools available that businesses can leverage:

1. Chatbot and Voicebot:

Intelligent automation is what both Chatbot and Voicebot offer to program customer conversations in a much better way. Chatbots are bots available on websites that interact with customers on the other side of the screen without any human intervention. How chatbots help is by:

  • Interacting with the customer,
  •  Asking appropriate questions about the issues faced
  • Resolving issues without any human assistance. 

Voice bots, on a similar level, interact with customers and provide them with intelligent assistance on calls and offer a personalised experience. Human intrusion is only called upon when the bots are ineffective to solve complex customer queries.

2. Text to speech:

Yet another revolutionary AI Tool which helps with customer interaction is Text to Speech.

In situations where businesses need to sent SMS texts in the form of automated phone calls, Text to Speech is the ideal AI tool available. Calls for circulating important information like Bill payment due date offers available on the card, Phone plan expiry date, or any other emergency notification, Text to Speech is a reliable option available.

3. Automatic Keyword spotting:

This tool is highly efficient to spot and analyse keywords that the customer uses to solve his query. Analysing keywords help to draft a summary and dashboard of what the user is looking for.

For Example, When a user calls up a spa service to make an appointment, the call is examined deeply by the Spa’s telephony system. It helps to monitor what keywords are used by the customer like Type of spa service, booking time, payment type, reservation for how many people, etc.

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In a nutshell

Thus understanding the customer pattern, style, query type & sentiments becomes easier. It helps the agents to understand what solutions fit best for their customers, find out customer satisfaction ratio and a lot more all with the help of this Keyword Spotting.

Customer interactions and business processing gets simplified with AI-based Cloud telephony solutions and tools. Leveraging this technology will prove to be profitable while assuring high call-scalability, cost-saving, easy accessibility and high security with automation.

Experience the magic and power of AI Cloud telephony for your business now. Contact us for more information.