The modern-day technology is crafted in such a way that it could save costs and make work much easier. With several processes and devices, tasks become much tough and unmanageable day by day thus upsetting the customer service quality.

Thus, finding exceptional technology that could help businesses and enterprises to work efficiently is a must. One such rescue is the use of CLOUD TELEPHONY.

Let’s look at how Cloud Telephony services help enterprises:

1. What exactly is Cloud telephony:

By using cloud telephony, an enterprise moves its entire business processes, systems & activities on a cloud. An enterprise could save a lot in terms of money and effort while using cloud telephony system. The effort of installing huge software and infrastructure to support each business operation is not required any more as everything is hosted on a cloud. Any enterprise can offer good quality and comparatively less costing services to all its customers without many efforts. 

It is the smartest way to work and manage business operations with scalable and secure access to centralised enterprise communication.

2. What are the services that Cloud telephony offers to businesses?

The services range from the setting call centre services to IVR, Offering virtual number, call forwarding, Missed call solutions, Click to call, OBD & Bulk SMS.

No external hardware or software is required to use any of the above-mentioned services. All they need is a simple phone, mobile or a computer system/laptop.

3. How do Cloud Telephony services work?

-Customer calls on a dedicated number present on the website or extracted through any ad campaign.

He calls on the number to ask for his queries and solve issues.

-The customer calls lands on the server and is handles by My Telly. The IVR is played and the customer issue is redirected to a dedicated department where it can be solved. When the customer is routed to the correct department, the Welcome tone or message is placed which can consist of just a simple company message or even any current offers run by the business.

-With the use of call whispering, the calls land on dedicated systems of the departments to solve the customer query. Call whispering is an excellent tool which allows agents to understand the query before they pick up the call. A message is displayed where the agenda of the call coming in is summarised and agent can use the same information to help the customer. This portrays a good image in front of the customer as well.

-Once the call ends, a compiled report of the calls received along with the recording is cumulated for further use.

4. Business Advantages of Cloud Telephony to businesses:

-Easy setup without the hassle of installing any external hardware or infrastructure.

-Capture each call for future references and quality audits.

-Gathering Feedback from customers made easy with easy to use tools and technology

-Easy to scale depending upon the business needs and requirement at any point.

-Offers complete control of the system as there is no -external IT Team required.

-Custom Integration according to the business processes and needs.

Cloud Telephony can prove to be an excellent resource and technology for your business needs and processes.

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