Businesses need to pay a lot more attention to their customers in the present times. The modern-day customer is well aware of how he can gain the maximum advantage of his purchase and doesn’t let go of any chance to get it.

Today’s customer will always like to interact with the business, wants to be heard and needs immediate solutions with his issues without being irritated. If the issues aren’t taken care of by the brands, then the customer willfully chooses competitors to satisfy their needs.

Adopting newer technologies has helped contemporary businesses to work as per the customer needs and demands and service them round the clock. One such technology is IVR by cloud telephony which has revolutionized how brands operate to serve their customers.

Let’s take a deep dive and understand the technicalities of IVR and its advantages to the new-aged businesses.

What is IVR?

Remember when you call a customer call centre to understand the solution of your query, what you hear is a customized greeting that welcomes you, followed by options to understand the root of the issue. Well, this is what is called IVR.

Who doesn’t like to feel good that a brand that they are dedicated to welcomes them and makes them feel special in any way possible?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is a computer-programmed voice system which aids in segmenting customer queries and issues and routing them to the correct department for problem-solving.

How does it work?

The customer has to select options and make choices through his phone keypad and the call later lands to the department which will aid help to solve the customer’s issue. The primary focus here of IVR here is to allow customers to navigate through the options which help the business to capture details of the type of issue that the customer is encountering.

Manier times, the issue is solved via navigating through options like “Click Y to cancel your booking” which customer can do on his own thus eliminating the need for speaking to an agent.

For more complex queries, if the customer still wants to get connected to the agent, he can press desired keys and speak to the agent.

The Dual Benefit:

IVR does benefit your customers to save their time and energy and to route to the correct department without much efforts to solve their issues. On the other hand, IVR also helps businesses and their employees to improve customer service, save time, resources and cater to only those customers who have complex issues which need to urgently take care of. A business can focus on what’s more important and work in a way to gain maximum advantages.

In conclusion, The top priority of any business is to stay on the prime list of the most favourite brands for any customer who actually caters to each need on a timely basis.

IVR assistance helps businesses to recognize concerns and optimize the customer experience.

It also aids businesses to save tremendously on costs, resources thus improving customer experience and processes.

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