In the last blog, we talked about what do we understand by the term follow-up and why is it important? We learnt how following up can help business enterprises to get loyal and repeat customers. In this blog, we will discuss an ideal way to do follow up with your customers which could add up to their customer satisfaction ratio. Maintaining worthy relationships are difficult, but indeed very necessary because of various reasons. Reasons include high budgets involved in attracting new customers and then converting them into leads. Rather working on the existing set of customers can reap the same exact benefits without any costs incurred.

The modern-day customer can walk off and prefer choosing a competitor brand if your customer service is not up to the mark. It literally takes a lot of hard work and patience to maintain good relations and never lose a chance. So here we are with a guide. A guide for effective follow-ups which results in great customer satisfaction and worthy customer relations. So let’s get into it.

Guide to Follow Up for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The “Not Interested” Tag

Why are your customers not interested in your brand anymore? Have you ever thought about what might have gone wrong? Why are your customers not repurchasing your products and services again?

All these could be the reasons for either bad quality of products or probably bad customer service. This shatters the relationship which could be stronger if there was a good conversation between both parties. The conversation could solve a customer’s problem and provide him with immediate satisfaction.

If we elaborate the reasons, discontent & disengaging customers are a result of the following:

  • They are unable to contact you.
  • Even if they are able to contact you, connecting to the right person who could solve their dilemma is not available. In other cases, the customer agent has not provided a solution for what the brand has promised.
  • No personalisation felt by the customers.
  • You are bombarding them with e-mails and messages which result in irritation.
  • Discontentment could result because of longer delivery days or no communication for late delivery.

Now let’s understand how you and your customer service agents can solve this hassle and provide great customer satisfaction.

Be quick with resolutions:

So in order to gain back your customer and maintain healthy relationships., it is extremely necessary to solve customer problems quickly. If this window expands, there will be dissatisfaction. Make sure that your customer service department is on its toes when it comes to providing great resolutions to distressed customers. And, that too in a short period of time.

Reaching the lost audience and boosting their customer satisfaction

An ideal follow-up plan should include ways to attract the lost set of audience. Customers who were once an active & loyal customer but got lost for a reason. Attracting eyeballs of these customers are much cheaper and a great idea to increase the customer base. Following up with them, apologising for not able to provide first-hand resolutions and asking them for a second chance is an ideal way. To attract them, one can also provide free goodies or discount coupons when they make a purchase.

Automating Processes

A lot of customers part ways because of a brand’s inability to connect with them on time. This can happen because of various reasons. unavailability of customer service reps, longer call-hold time, unnecessary call transfers, not able to connect to the right agent etc. All these reasons lead to customer frustration and result in dropping plans to purchase. What can help during such scenarios is investing in the right technology which could boost customer communication. A technology that could help your customers to connect with you at any point in time. And that too getting timely resolutions without facing hassles.

You as an entrepreneur should invest in technology such as cloud telephony which offers various Smart IVR Solutions like IVR( Interactive voice response), Virtual numbers, Missed-calls and many more. These help you to simplify your communication process. It allows you to succeed and win your customers loyalty. They could connect with you at any time 24*7.

More benefits of cloud telephony include:

  • Easy customer resolutions provided.
  • Enough sources for every call to be answered.
  • No long call hold time.
  • Experienced resources to answer to every customer query, etc.

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Smart solutions to boost customer satisfaction:

Automation can be done of those e-mails that you keep sending to your customers to engage them. Automation helps to reduce pressure on human agents to manually send emails, personalise them, keep a note of the content etc. Automating e-mails could save the time of your agents and leverage them more time to connect and engage with your potential customers.

Apart from e-mails, you can automate your calls too. Let’s say if you want to call your customers and remind them for an upcoming event, payment date or any other schedule. With cloud telephony smart solutions, you could make reminder calls without engaging your agents. Calls will be made on a pre-set list of numbers automatically. Once a customer call gets connected, a pre-recorded voice is played and then the call ends. These pre-recorded voices contain important messages which you want to convey to your customers and that too without human intervention.

Automated follow-ups:

With the help of automation, your follow-ups will be on point. These follow-ups will boost customer communication, engagement and allow customers to understand your product value. In order to engage with your customers, make sure you think like them and offer what they want. Rigorous follow-ups can tend to irritate a customer. Make sure your plan is agile and in favour of your customer. Personalise follow-up will reap you better customer loyalty because of the added factor. Automation on the other part will make everything smoother.

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