Do you know that there are more than three billion smartphone users worldwide?

As the majority of tasks occur through phones, the number is quite likely to rise in the coming years. Now, the main focus of businesses should be to use more mobile-friendly technology to promote their products to customers.

Digital media and newspapers are one of the ways to get your message across to the customers but we need a quick medium that straight away delivers your message within seconds.

One such medium is Bulk SMS!

What makes Bulk SMS a better option?

Why should you use Bulk SMS marketing when you can promote your products via email marketing?

The answer here is quite obvious, customers receive thousands of emails from various businesses every day which makes them quite furious and they end up deleting those emails without even opening them.

But with bulk SMS, messages get delivered to the customers instantly. Unlike emails,

SMS cannot be ignored.

Also, the message can be delivered without any barriers unlike emails which often get blocked due to spam filters.

Seems like a pretty good deal!

Ways in which Bulk SMS ensures business continuity

1. Opening rate

We all know that emails are not opened by the customers for days, on the other hand, 90% of SMS are read within 3 seconds which means higher readability.

Moreover, your messages get delivered to your customers in the blink of an eye.

2. Opt-ins and Opt-outs

Bulk SMS comes with a feature of opt-ins and opt-outs which play a major role in strengthening the positive image of your brand.

Opt-ins allow the brand to send business messages to customers which ensures that the customers are receiving messages based on their interest.

Customers acknowledge this feature because it gives them the freedom to receive messages from the brands which they consider relevant.

Also, the opt-out feature enables them to avoid disruptive messages which can be irrelevant to them.

3. Cost-effective personalization

Adding a personalized touch to your message creates an impression in the customer’s mind that your brand is making efforts to connect with them on a personal level.

While personalization through other marketing tools can be an expensive deal as you have to plan a marketing activity for each platform, with bulk SMS you only need a contact number of the customer and you’re good to go.

4. Effective way of retaining customers

With effective communication, nothing seems impossible

Using bulk SMS, you can retain the customers your business has lost due to poor marketing strategies.

A well-curated message along with the website link of your business always goes in favour. For example, messages like “we have selected some best options for you. Click on the link to check them out”, boosts customer retention.

5. Lets you target your audience 

Customers are quite particular about the brands they want to interact with.

As we are already aware that Bulk SMS marketing is permission-based, which means the customers are already associated with your brand and they have given their consent to receive promotional messages from your side.

That way you can easily target your customers and convert them into leads.

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In today’s world where smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives, Bulk SMS excels in providing the latest updates about your business to the customers who are actually interested.

As the number of smartphone users are expected to rise in the future, Bulk SMS marketing is here to stay.

To get Bulk SMS for your enterprise, contact us today!