When it comes to generating new leads, we must know that our main target is to boost the sales of our products and services. Without new leads, you really couldn’t expect your business to grow. 

With neck to neck competition in the business world, owners can’t rely on their existing customers and that is exactly why they need to come up with a solution that can help them in 

expanding their customer base. 

One such solution is virtual numbers. 

What are virtual numbers? 

Virtual numbers are somewhat similar to regular numbers, the only difference is that they aren’t associated with any actual organization. You can use virtual numbers for handling limitless parallel calls.

By using virtual numbers, you can route customer calls to suitable agents and cut out the need for a regular number. 

Other than this, there are several ways in which virtual numbers can help in generating new leads for your business. 

Top 5 ways to generate new leads by using virtual numbers

1. Never Miss a Call 

Adding a virtual number to your website comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, your customers will be able to reach your business at any time. They just have to dial your number and their call will be forwarded to the suitable agents. 

Secondly, the IVR aligned with the virtual business number will never let you miss any customer call as it will help the customers to connect with the suitable agent by routing their calls. 

2. Keep a Track of Your Leads 

By keeping a track of your leads you can effectively design your marketing campaigns to generate high-quality leads. 

Using virtual numbers, you can even keep a track of the leads that you lost and use the tracking data to arrange to follow ups to those leads and retain them in the best possible way. 

3. Calculating ROI of Campaigns 

The aim of your marketing strategy will be to enhance customer engagement. Since the calls are tracked using a virtual number, you can leverage it to track the ROI of your marketing channels. 

Let’s say you invest in two different channels, one is a social media campaign and the other is a display ad in the newspaper. You have shared 2 different virtual numbers for each. Now, all the calls that you’ll receive on these numbers can be tracked using a call tracking system. 

4. Best way to reach out to new markets 

Virtual numbers are easy to set up and are ready to use within 24 hours. This means that you can use them to your benefit by swiftly trying out new target markets and putting your marketing efforts.  

If your strategies work in those markets then well and good but if not then you’ll get an idea of where your efforts are lacking and what other methods you can use to improve your sales. 

5. Assigning phone lines to various customers 

Depending on the type of customers you can offer the virtual numbers through which they can contact your business. 

For example, for new customers, you can assign virtual numbers on your website and for providing more devoted service to customers, you can offer private customer-only lines. 

Summing up 

Virtual numbers, if used correctly can help your business create a strong customer base. 

By directing the calls to the right agents it saves a lot of customer waiting time thus making sure that the customers get quality support in a seamless manner. 

My telly provides virtual phone numbers that will help you forward, route and record customer calls for your business. 

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