People living in rural areas are gradually becoming familiar with the technology. Smartphones have become more common and an important part of their everyday life. 

Rural citizens have always been deprived of the services that the people living in the urban areas can leverage hence, they never stop looking for ways to explore the things which can make their lives better. 

But how can businesses deliver a seamless experience to rural areas? 

Cloud telephony strikes as the best solution here. How? 

Let me start by stating some facts.

As more and more people use smartphones, they already have an idea about bulk SMSes, toll-free numbers, and IVRs. Therefore, cloud telephony services will help them to reach out to customer service providers in times of need. 

This blog will cover various aspects in which you can connect your business with Rural India using cloud telephony

So, without further ado let’s just jump directly into it. 

How you can reach the remote areas? 

Some cloud telephony solutions that can help you connect with the rural communities include: 

Bulk SMS : easiest way to connect 

Bulk Sms is one of the most convenient ways to deliver messages related to your products and services. The best part about this service is, you can even reach the customers who live in distant areas where no is internet available. 

You can put your message out there with the relevant links to your websites and infographics. Moreover, you can offer the customer coupon codes, promote campaigns, collect customer feedback, and what not?

Plus, it takes 5 to 7 seconds to drop an SMS, which means you can make an impact in no time. 

Missed call services 

Probably the most useful service that reality shows utilize. You guessed it right, missed call service is used by many reality shows to know about the audience’s choice of their favorite contestants. 

The added advantage of missed call service is customers are already familiar with it. When it comes to rural areas, it can act as the most promising communication tool. 

Toll free numbers 

Is it possible to reach out to businesses without paying a single penny? Well, with toll-free numbers it is. If we talk about remote areas, there are many people who can’t afford to place calls to businesses for solving their queries. But, by calling the 1800 number they can easily reach out and seek help in the matter. 

Also, toll-free numbers are easy to remember and individuals can use them for many purposes like gaining healthcare advice and consultations. 

IVR technology

Imagine how much valued the people living in small districts will feel when they won’t have to wait in long queues to get their queries answered. With IVR technology, you can make it happen. 

When the callers will reach out to your business they will hear a pre-recorded voice that will guide them to choose from the menu options by dialing certain numbers on the keypad. This way, the customer waiting time will be reduced and they’ll be easily routed to the right agent. 

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Wrapping it up!

By adopting cloud telephony in remote areas you can build your brand identity by ensuring timely communication with an added personal touch. 

Whether it comes to providing online education to students or conducting yoga and therapy sessions, cloud telephony can act as a savior in every aspect. 

If you also want your brand to connect with the rural ground then wait no more. 

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